- Fitness site BarBend has an article here about Braun Strowman turning over the ambulance on this past Monday's RAW with Roman Reigns inside and if it's even possible. They stated that it was... "if gravity didn't exist." It was also noted that the average ambulance weighs between 10,000 - 14,000 lbs. In the piece, retired professional strongman athlete Michael Gill discussed why the feat is impossible.

"There is no way a human could flip an ambulance. The amount of force necessary could be calculated by a physicist, but it would be crazy," Gill said. "Given the fact that most of them are also designed to not flip on their side during high speed driving would also make it a more daunting task."

- As for how Reigns would be able to survive the pre-recorded attack on RAW, at the 3:08 mark in the video above you can see where the jump cut was made where Reigns was replaced on the stretcher by a dummy before it was thrown off the platform. Reigns was put back on the stretcher and then placed in the ambulance, which was followed by Strowman flipping the ambulance over. The left side of the ambulance is completely off camera, but you can see Reigns' shadow and feet on the left side of the screen escaping the ambulance at the 4:12 mark as Strowman was lifting the ambulance.

- As of this writing, the video above has reached nearly 5 million views on YouTube.

- I hope this was started as a joke, but there is a petition on Change.org for Strowman to be fired for the worked attack. As of this writing, the petition has nearly 1300 signatures, and only needs 200 more to reach 1500. The petition reads:

To the WWE we the WWE Universe are not please with Strowman's Actions tonight on Raw following his brutal attack on Roman Reigns. Me and a lot of the WWE Universe Want Strowman Fired effective immediately he crossed the line tonight following the attack on Roman and now Roman is in the hospital with injuries. If this is what you call Entertainment YOU Failed Miserably. I don't care if he goes to SD Live We want him OFF of Raw or Fired from the WWE. I have been a fan of Raw for years and out of everything that I have seen happen this was by far the absolute Worst.

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