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Recently, on WWE Network's Beyond The Ring, Jim Ross, Triple H, and Scott Hall talked about the infamous 'plane ride from hell', which took place in May 2002 as WWE concluded its European tour and talent and members of management returned to the United States. The incident would cost Hall his job with WWE.

Triple H described the scene as "out of control" and recounted WWE Hall Of Famer Michael Hayes getting ribbed by Sean Waltman and Hall. 'The Game' recalled thinking as the plane was landing that harsh penalties would be doled out.

"I remember distinctly Michael Hayes being very upset at the fact that his ponytail was gone. I remember [Sean Waltman] thinking it was extremely funny because he was the one that had cut it off. I remember Scott being involved in that." Triple H said, "it was out of control and control was right around the corner."

Ross likened the raucous flight to a high school freshmen on a field trip. 'Good Ol' J.R.' went on to say that he had the distinct displeasure of releasing Hall.

"It was a bunch of guys making a lot of money, and a few millionaires on the flight, they were acting like they were on a ninth grade field trip to the zoo. We had a full bar just like you would have on any flight, except they weren't paying for it." Ross recalled, "I remember doing RAW after this 'plane ride from hell' and I had to call [Hall] at home and let him go."

Hall claimed to have no recollection of the incident.

"I took pills to sleep on a plane," Hall professed. "Yeah, some bad things happened. That whole trip was just kind of a blur of pills and booze."

Additionally, Hall stated that he was so unhappy working at WWE when he was terminated that he asked how quickly he could be let go.

"I was so unhappy, I said, 'cool, effective immediately?' and they said, 'well, if that's what you want.' I said, 'well, you're the one calling me.'" Hall added, "it wasn't fun, so the money starts to mean less. It's like, 'I can be miserable at home. I don't need to be on the road and be miserable.' That's the way it ended."

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