Yesterday we asked, which brand you thought did better after the Superstar Shakeup. Let's take a look at a few trending thoughts:

1) SmackDown Wins - Between Raw and "It was even" votes, I wouldn't say the vote was a blowout, but you guys clearly think SmackDown got the best of the exchanges. They received talent that will improve their in-ring action even more and their midcard was stocked with plenty of talent. Also, Charlotte for Alexa was considered even or Charlotte was an upgrade.

2) Monday Moments - Raw grabbed plenty of high quality talent, as they look to continue pushing more story/character driven segments. The entertainment value of Alexa, Dean, Bray, and Miz may vary among fans, but it's clear WWE wanted to bring those who had gimmicks that stood out.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Phenomenally AWESOME:
"The only person to pay attention to after this shake-up is The Miz. SD being 2 hours catered to him and made his promos memorable (and Talking Smack). Everyone else either has a huge following or the company loves them. I doubt Raw will make Miz segments feel important."

Marky Mark:
"At this point I think it's difficult to say. The wrestlers that moved are all talented, so it's going to depend on how WWE books them, which feuds are developed, and how things shake out. It depends on the chemistry that results from the changes."

"This year Raw vs SD in Survivor Series could be Roman, Seth, Balor, Joe and Braun vs Styles, Nakamura, Zayn, Owens and Orton."

"Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose on Raw seems better padded at the top, two guys to main event TV. Downgrade for Bray and Dean won't be seeing that Universal Title. But the top guys will still be Brock and Roman regardless. Sami Zayn and Rusev are bound to benefit greatly on Smackdown, they will be elevated to main eventing there. Zayn is an entertaining wrestler but not as a character - perhaps Smackdown plays to his strengths. Rusev is just entertaining. For the Women, Alexa gets time to build her star more, she might had been pushed too fast on Smackdown. Sit tight Bliss fans, she'll be on top in a year or less. Charlotte will lend some much needed credibility to Smackdown. It's win-win for the Women's wrestling on both brands. It's a tough call but I'll have to say Smackdown won, maybe Smackdown wins no matter what because it can better utilize whatever it gets due to the nature of the show, they will be forced to make these wrestlers more important due to their smaller roster, which will make for good TV."

Damien "Gimmick" Sandow:
"All this talk of a singles SmackDown six and nobody mentions Luke Harper at all."

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