Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com Live Viewing Party for WWE NXT. In tonight's episode, the departing Perfect Ten Tye Dillinger goes one-on-one with the leader of SAnitY, Eric Young inside the friendly confines of a steel cage.

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- We kick off the show with a chorus of "Glorious" as the suit-clad NXT Champion Bobby Roode makes his entrance. The new NXT Championship belt looks quite nice under the spotlight as Roode basks in the glory of Full Sail. Roode says he sold out the Amway Center in Orlando by himself. Roode said he took out the last flickering star of the "old" NXT and now this is his NXT as the transition is now complete. Roode takes exception to the support Nakamura got during his sendoff on last week's episode. Roode says Nakamura didn't leave NXT by choice, but by requirement because of the embarrassment he caused him. He says the crowd and other superstars don't deserve to be in his NXT. Entire Hideo Itami. The two have a quick standoff before Itami lays the smacketh down on Roode's right cheek. Roode goes to take his jacket off and charges Itami, but gets caught directly into a GTS to leave the champ laying.

- Backstage with Kayla Braxton with Tyler Bate and Jack Gallagher, who will compete against each other next week for the UK Championship. They have quite the gentlemanly exchange as to who will walk away with the title next week.

- We're back and Roode is still reeling from the GTS of Hideo Itami. Officials and trainers out for the assist. Full Sail with one of their more creative chants as they ask "Bobby are you OK?" to the tune of Michael Jackson's "Annie are you OK?"

- Footage of a confrontation between Andrade "Cien" Almas and Drew McIntyre during the returning McIntyre's workout. Nice cameo comedy from Heavy Machinery.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Danny Burch

Burch, a now veteran of NXT enhancement spots, gets a nice ovation. Burch looks in the best shape of his life. Almas with his usual tactics early. They trade reversals until Burch throws Almas over his shoulder. Burch avoids an attack and turns it into a flapjack. Almas takes advantage and shoots a thunderous chop to the chest of Burch. Almas takes a bit too much time and gets attacked by Burch, Almas almost no-sells it and clubs Burch in the back of the head. Double knees for Almas and follows it up with his Hammerlock DDT for the win. He provides a playful pose to the camera after his victory.

Winner via Pinfall: Andrade "Cien" Almas

- Video package with the NXT women's division talking about Asuka's dominance, and now plays up the fact that she will do anything to keep her title. Women's division tag team action is up next.

- Video package of Tye Dillinger/Eric Young ahead of their steel cage match as Dillinger exits NXT and heads to SmackDown LIVE.

Aliyah & Liv Morgan vs. Peyton Royce & Billie Kay

Meeeoowww. Sorry, just recapping Aliyah's entrance. Morgan and Kay start us off. The taller Kay using here length and strength to the early advantage. Liv Morgan's favorite shape is a circle and draws it for Kay as she leads her around the ring. She gets a two count and we go the other way. Tag made to Aliyah. Leg drop from the rope. Billie Kay able to reverse a whip with a big right hand. Tag made to Royce. Big spin kick and cover. It appears to be a three, but the official stops the count short, as it appears Morgan didn't make the save in time. We go on. Royce and Kay give each other a hand to stretch out Aliyah using leverage of the rope. Morgan comes to the aid of her partner by drop kicking Kay off the apron. This allows Aliyah to roll up Royce for the surprise win. The Iconic Aussies throw a hissy-fit in the ring after the loss.

Winners via Pinfall: Aliyah & Liv Morgan

- Next week we'll see Aleister Black in action as well as Drew McIntyre taking on Almas. The loaded episode will also see the UK title defended. It's main event time inside a steel cage.

Tye Dillinger vs. Eric Young (Steel Cage Match)

Young comes out flanked by the rest of SAnitY, but he sends them to the back. Young enters the steel structure after a bit of hesitation, but gets greeted warmly by a Dillinger right hand. Dillinger then locks the cage himself. Dillinger with an early onslaught, gets Young up for the Tye Breaker, but Young gouges the eye to give the perfect ten less than twenty-twenty vision. Young is in control as we go to break.

We're back and Dillinger gets tossed into the steel grates and Young pushes Dillinger's body making square indents on the skin. Young asks for the door to be opened, but Dillinger grabs him. Young's nose is slightly busted open. Young shows off the power with a deadlift choke while seated on the top rope. Dillinger creates space, but gets caught with a double leg from Young. He monkey flips Dillinger, who catches himself on the ropes and begins to climb the cage. Young counters the perfect punches and sends Dillinger tumbling with a sit-out power bomb for a near fall. Young goes to escape again, but the effort thwarted once again. Dillinger grabs Young by the throat and tosses him to the mat. Both men down as we go to another break.

We return to a Dillinger rampage as he tosses Young repeatedly into the steel walls. He shows some fire and delivers a super kick to Young, who now is near a crimson mask. Dillinger heads up top, gets almost fully over, but drug back in by Young. The trade shots near the top of the cage before Young tries to escape. Young knocks Dillinger down after banging his head on top of the cage. Instead of escaping, he perches for a huge elbow drop from the top of the cage. Young slowly gets to a cover for a near fall. Young back up first, but Dillinger grabs him as he tries to make another exit. Dillinger hits a Tye Breaker out of nowhere and Young is down. The official goes to clean Young up a bit off-camera as we reset. Dillinger crawls to the door, but SAnitY takes the official away and locks the door. Ohno and Strong come to the aid of their friend. Killian Dain goes to climb into the cage, but Dillinger hits a drop kick that sends the big man down. He gets rid of Young and climbs to the top. He hits a big cross body onto an entering Dain and Young. As Wolfe tries to climb in the other side, Dillinger escapes and both feet hit the ground for the official victory. He locks SAnitY inside the cage upon exit and celebrates with the crowd.

Winner via Escape: Tye Dillinger

- After the match, Strong and Ohno lift Dillinger on their shoulders and celebrate as SAnitY is locked in confinement. A big "Thank You Tye" chant breaks out as we head off the air.

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