Welcome to the WrestlingINC.com recap of Wednesday's WWE NXT.

- As the show kicks off, Nikki Cross slinks in the ring and bends to the ring announcers microphone. She asks Ruby Riot to "come out and play," and Riot obliges by heading to the ring. Cross goes for the fake out attack, but Riot able to catch her with a double leg. They brawl around ringide as officials try to break them up.

- The announce team hypes tonight's card as we look back at Hideo Itami's return and GTS to NXT Champion Bobby Roode. We go backstage with Kayla Braxton and Bobby Roode, where Roode said Itami's attack was unwarranted and that Itami would have to earn his shot at the NXT title.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs. Drew McIntyre

Almas begs off initially, then ducks an attack to strike a pose. McIntyre throws Almas to the ropes, but El Idolo catches himself for pose number two. McIntyre has had enough and sends a big boot to take Almas to the floor. McIntyre gives chase and brings him toward the ring, but Almas able to send McIntyre to the stairs. Almas in control momentarily and goes through his usual disrespectful antics, topped off by a fake double knees with a slap instead. This fires up the Scottish star as he goes for a barrage of strikes. We have a strike fest in the middle of the ring. McIntyre gets the best of the exchange, leaving time for him to set up his big single leg drop kick for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

- Mr. William Regal announces a one-on-one match between Ruby Riot and Nikki Cross for later this evening.

- First part of a multi-part video package about "Who Is Roderick Strong?" We take a look at some of his personal and professional journey. He says he had to overcome several obstacles in his lifetime to get where he's at today. It's revealed that his mother shot his father, struggling with a tumultuous family life his entire upbringing. Strong's mother is now a solid support system. Strong says his dad went on to be a pro wrestler and trained by Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart. They put together a ring in Strong's backyard, giving him an entry to the sport and business. The "Sick Kick" appears to have been his finisher from a very young age. Part two is next week.

Kona Reeves vs. Aleister Black

Reeves goes on the offensive, but Black quickly staves it off. Reeves gets a shot in during a rope break and sends Black to the corner. Black stops a shot to the turnbuckle and catches Reeves' arm. Kicks and strikes reign down and Black takes a seat to admire his work. To cap it off, Black Mass hits its mark for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Aleister Black

- Backstage with new interviewer Christy St. Cloud with Ruby Riot. The former Heidi Lovelace agrees with Cross' and SAnitY's ways in principle, but she says they force their beliefs on others, which she disagrees with.

- Kayla Braxton tries to catch up with an exiting Andrade Almas. He exits with a car full of lovely ladies and declines the interview to head to the club.

Ruby Riot vs. Nikki Cross

Riot makes her entrance, but Cross runs down for an attack from behind. They once again fight all across the arena from ringside to the ramp. Officials have to separate the two and have to physically carry Cross out of the arena. The match never gets underway.

- Mr. Regal in his office with NXT Women's Champion, Asuka. Regal reveals that there will be a women's Battle Royal next week to determine a new number one contender to her title.

Jack Gallagher vs. Tyler Bate (c) (WWE UK Championship Match)

They get the spotlight treatment and exchange a handshake to begin the match. Beautiful technical wrestling is the early story as they exchange holds and reversals. Very classic approach to the match from the two gentlemanly fellows. Now a series of buttery smooth pin attempts. After another clean break, they put up their dukes as we head to break.

We're back and Gallagher is in command with a plethora of submissions, primarily working on the wrist and arm of the champ. Bate flips Gallagher over, but Gallagher keeps hold of the wrist lock to maintain control. Gallagher stretching Bates to points beyond comfort and the squeamish may want to look away. Test of strength gives Bate a quick advantage, but reversals are on the menu again. Bate shows Bop and delivers Bang to Gallagher for a near fall after a bridging suplex. Stalling suplex attempt from Bate, but Gallagher reverses it into a body scissors and wrist lock. Bate turns it around for a power slam and a near fall. Gallagher goes to the ropes to recover. Bate blocks a right hand to deliver one of his own. Bate looks for a dive, but a trademark Gallagher headbutt shocks the heart of Bate. Back in the ring and Gallagher literally goes head to head with the champ for a two count. Gallagher with European Uppercuts and a painful arm submission. Bate reverses out, hits the ropes, and hits a Pele Kick. Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 to retain the title.

Winner via Pinfall: Tyler Bate

- Bate celebrates in the ring as we're shown other UK competitors at ringside. The announce team hypes the upcoming weekly UK show coming to the WWE Network in the near future.

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