Karl Anderson And Luke Gallows On Southpaw Regional Wrestling Being Unscripted, Steve Austin Praise

On episode 130 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, professional broadcaster and professional wrestling enthusiast Sam Roberts welcomed WWE's Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to the podcast. Among other things, the duo discussed Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

On the subject of the groundbreaking Southpaw Regional Wrestling, Gallows said that he hopes the idea came about from WWE officials seeing Gallows' portrayal of Sex Ferguson on Colt Cabana's Wrestling Road Diaries.

"I would like to think that they saw my Sex Ferguson stuff on YouTube and that's where it came from, but I don't know." Gallows continued, "they came up to us like a month or two into being here and started talking about this and I was like, 'hold up - this is right up my alley. We have to do this!' And then, it took a long time to actually do it."

Apparently, Anderson, who played Chad 2 Badd on the show, was "miserable" during filming as his scenes were shot in a cold car warehouse. Knowing they were putting together something special made it all worth while for 2 Badd.

Gallows recalled, "yeah, Chad 2 Badd was shoot miserable the entire time, complaining, 'why are we doing this? This is stupid.' And it came out and it was awesome."

Anderson said, "it was in Milwaukee [Wisconsin] and Milwaukee is Milwaukee. Naw [Anderson has no problem with Milwaukee]. It was freezing and it was dark. It just sucked, man." Anderson added, "I think the second we cut those promos, though, we were like, 'oh, man. This is fun!'

According to the former WWE RAW Tag Team Champions, Southpaw Regional Wrestling was unscripted.

Gallows remembered, "we got there and they were like, 'hey, we kind of want you guys to do this' and I was like, we're very agreeable, very easy to work with brothers, but we were like, 'nope, we have to do it our own way. We have to do it off the top of our heads. It'll make it so much cooler.'"

Anderson reflected, "I think we knew Southpaw was going to be good because there [were] no scripts, man. I think we're better off the fly anyway."

Anderson shared that WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin called them to voice his appreciation for Southpaw Regional Wrestling.

"'Stone Cold' called us the other day, which was pretty cool. He put it over to the moon. 'Stone Cold' called us, by the way, and he text messages us some deer pics too."

Supposedly, Gallows changed his alter ego from Sex to Tex in light of today's PG environment.

Gallows explained, "everyone on Twitter is giving me heat about Tex not being Sex. This was my call though because, like, in this PG era, in this PG realm, if Tex is ever going to be on television, he can't be acting like Sex."

Anderson joked, "Sex is trying to have a run, so he changed his name to Tex."

Gallows said he loved seeing John Cena as Lance Catamaran, who had a desk anchor job up in upper Utica, New York for six weeks, and Fandango, as the clinically depressed Chett Chetterfield.

"I think the most fun I had was, it's cool to see us do that because we love doing that because it's fun. But I had no idea about these other characters like John Cena as Lance Catamaran and Chet Chetterfield/Fandango. It was hilarious!"

Anderson also praised Rusev's Big Bartholomew and the devious banker, Mr. Mackelroy, played by Tyler Breeze.

"Fandango's a funny guy anyway if you get to know him a bit." Anderson continued, "Rusev was great. Breeze got me popping with his stupid moustache coming off."

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