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Paige's brother, Zak Knight, was recently interviewed by Memorabilia Guy. Below are some highlights:

The upcoming movie on their family being produced by The Rock:

"After the documentary came out, a couple of weeks later we were approached about a movie. To be honest, a lot of what you hear is true. Basically, The Rock was over in the UK and one morning he was sat up at 3am after a long day at work and our documentary was on TV and he fell in love with the family because of the family roots and the passion we showed towards wrestling. And it reminded him a lot of his family. He went to Vince and then to Kevin Misher and Stephen Merchant. These guys believed that this had potential to be a great movie.

"So when they came to us nearly two years ago saying "we want to make this movie, is this something you'd be interested in?" It's kind of felt like, well why do they want to do a movie about us? We're just council estate guys that travel around wrestling whether its 50 or 1500 people, we do it because we love the job. So it was a bit surreal having Stephen Merchant coming in your lounge, sitting down talking to you. And being on the set and meeting all the actors the names they've managed to get into the movie was all surreal. We do pinch ourselves every now and then."

If Paige is doing better:

"Yeah, 100%. People love buying into true stories. Obviously, to start with, the family was unsure about what was going on between Paige and Alberto. Everyone can blame Alberto for what's happening at the moment but she's a 24-year-old girl that made fame at 18 and she's got a horrific injury and we don't know what's going to happen next. This could be the end of Paige or it could be the big fight-back story. We don't know yet, but the fact that Alberto and Paige is now coming into WAW, is huge for us. She's now giving out pointers and Alberto is the same, he's great. He comes over and is willing to do anything. The guy has been to the top and he's listening to my storylines and my plots. This is the mentality of all the guys coming in. We get inundated with emails from top stars every day saying "can we come and work for WAW". And that is a he achievement and honour."

Zak also discussed what to expect from the film, how Scott Hall has been at their shows, the rise of British wrestling and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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