- Above, is a video on "7 Submission Holds You Don't Remember." The list includes: Brock Lesnar's Brock-Lock, Batista's Batista Bite, Goldberg's Rolling Knee-Bar, Triple H's Inverted Indian Death Lock, Randy Orton's Inverted Boston Crab, Kane's Claw Hold, and Daniel Bryan's Cattle Mutilation.

- The Dallas Observer ran an article on Sting living in Waxahachie, Texas for the past eight years and his upcoming appearance at the Texas Frightmare Weekend. Sting talked about how he will put on the paint from time to time, but doesn't mind leaving "Surfer" Sting in the past:

"I think nobody is expecting early '90s Sting at this point. I think everybody wants the Crow Sting anyway. That's the one most fans will remember. It was more of a worldwide deal at that point. Surfer Sting was a worldwide thing, but it wasn't as globally strong. I don't have enough hair on my head to grow a flat top anymore."

- As noted previously, Ronda Rousey sent out congratulations to Roderick Strong and his wife, MMA Fighter, Marina Shafir, on having a baby boy. Rousey also retweeted out the second part of "Who is Roderick Strong?", which aired on this week's episode of NXT.

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