- Cathy Kelley takes a look at the WWE Universe's response to Chris Jericho's hiatus from the WWE and they already want him to return. After losing his U.S. title and getting completely destroyed by Kevin Owens on this week's episode of SmackDown, Jericho is headed out to tour with his bandy, Fozzy. Their latest single, "Judas," just topped the iTunes Metal charts.

- On Twitter, Matt Hardy was asked who he thought the best tag teams were so far in 2017 and he responded with not just Jeff and himself, but The Young Bucks, as well. Hardy then said he would love to see them join The Hardys in the WWE.

- Via his Instagram, Jericho used a fan's "Thank You" photo and responded:

"No....thanks to all of you! You are my buddies, my pals; you are the #FRIENDSOFJERICHO...Cheer me on maaan! #seeyouagain #GOAT"

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