Taped At 'The Impact Zone' In Orlando, Florida

The show opens with a video that chronicles the buildup to tonight's main event between Alberto El Patron and Magnus.

X Division Four Way Match
Matt Sydal vs. Andrew Everett vs. Desmond Xavier vs. Caleb Konley

The rules here are one fall to a finish. All 4 competitors take to the air right at the start. Konley applies a clover leaf to Everett, while Sydal applies a bridging rear chinlock. Konley and Sydal then team up and throw Everett to the outside. They then focus on Xavier, who uses his great athleticism to evade them and put Sydal and Konley in the corner. Everett is back in and goes after Xavier. The pace of the match picks up and Everett and Xavier get into an aerial standoff. Everett wins the exchange by hitting a cartwheel enzuguri. Sydal is back and he takes down both men. A spinning heel kick by Sydal grounds a returning Konley. Sydal then attempts to go to the rope but Konley lifts him and up and throws him on top of Xavier. Konley then hits an impressive looking springboard moonsault on top of Everett for a near fall. Moments later, Sydal and Xavier go at it, trading leg strikes in the center of the ring. They knock each other down with kicks at the same time. Everett then leaps off the top onto them with a missile dropkick. Everett then vaults over the top rope onto Konley and Sydal at ringside. Desmond Xavier follows suit with a beautiful running handspring tope. Xavier lands on his feet after executing the high risk move. When Xavier attempts to leap onto Everett inside the ring, Sydal pulls him down and instead, he leaps off the top and hits Everett with a double knee for a near fall. Each competitor then takes turns going to the air trying to win the match. Desmond Xavier hits frog splash on Konley for a near fall. Sydal then tries a leaping headscissors on Xavier but Desmond lands on his feet. Andrew Everett rushes into the ring and hits a Frankendriver on Xavier and pins him to win the match.

Andrew Everett defeats Matt Sydal, Desmond Xavier & Caleb Konley

After the match, Matt Sydal shows disappointment in losing but ends up shaking Andrew Everett's hand.

Josh Mathews and Da Pope are at the broadcast table. They hype tonight's show while Jeremy Borash is once again behind Mathews holding signs like "Free JB" and "P.O.S." above Mathews head.....

EC3 is then shown arriving to the arena earlier. Carter insults James Storm for not showing up on Impact last week. EC3 says that he deserves to be called The Coward rather than The Cowboy. EC3 promises that 'The Cowboy' will be here at Impact tonight..... When the show returns from the break. KM is shown in his hotel room receiving a pizza delivery. He sits down and eats the pizza while the delivery man waits for him to pay for it. The order has the name of 'Billy' on it and the delivery man says that KM identified himself as 'Billy'. KM taunts the delivery man and tells him not to call him a liar. He then delivers his Back to The Future Biff line of "Make like a tree and get out of here".

Back in The Impact Zone, James Storm's music hits but EC3 makes the entrance instead. He is dressed in cowboy attire. Carter's look is complete with a cowboy hat, suede vest and chaps. He takes the mic and in a cheap southern drawl, says that there is a new sheriff in town and his name is E Cowboy 3. Carter uses the catch phrase of "Giddy Up Giddy Up" repeatedly. He then says that there are three kinds of suns. Sunflowers, Sunshine and a Sun of B***h named EC3. E Cowboy then brags about his butt and how it drives the ladies crazy. Carter then addresses James Storm. He knows that Storm was crying tears in his beer when he cost him the Impact World Championship. Carter then sings a very off key song, insulting Storm and taking pleasure in costing him the title. James Storm's music hits and he appears in the ring. He goes after Carter and beats him down. EC3 battles back and uses his cowboy boot to take down Storm. He then handcuffs Storm to the middle rope, exposes Storm's back and starts whipping him with his strap repeatedly. Mathews keeps count for a while. It gets to 26 when security and officials run out to stop Carter. EC3 trips over a production assistant and he then starts whipping him. Carter continues to whip Storm and Pat Kenney and Scott D'Amore come out to stop him. Carter is finally led away and a shot of Storm's back is shown and it's beet red and bruised from EC3's whipping.

Impact Wrestling has released another video from the EC3 whipping angle. In the video below, EC3 returns during the break and actually whips Impact executive Pat Kenney a couple of times.

When the show returns from the break, Mathews and Pope reset the show at ringside. Josh gets annoyed with JB behind him and takes away one of his signs.

The Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. vs. Hakim Zane & Idris Abraham

Abraham looks like the lead singer from LMFAO..... Mathews mentions on commentary that there is going to be a GFW tag title tournament in the future..... Garza Jr. and Laredo hit some nice tandem moves to start the match. They hit an electric chair dropkick and then a wheel barrow splash. Idris and Hakim try to double team Garza but their efforts are thwarted temporarily when Garza Jr. strips out of his attire and knocks them down. Idris and Zane gain control when Abraham connects with a flying cross body. Garza is then double teamed by Abraham and Zane but Garza ends up countering, by powerbombing Abraham on top of his partner. Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid secure the victory by heading to the air. When Laredo pins Zane after connecting with a 450 splash.

The Laredo Kid & Garza Jr. defeat Hakim Zane & Idris Abraham

After the break, Garza Jr. and Laredo Kid are interviewed backstage. They say that they are here to represent Mexico and prove that they are the best tag team in the world....

A video promo follows this. It features "Da Pope' breaking down all the talent in Impact Wrestling and the direction that the company is headed in.....

Laurel Van Ness w/Kongo Kong vs. Ava Storie

Laurel wrestles this match in her wedding dress. The story is that she hasn't changed since the night, Braxton Sutter turned her down at the altar. Van Ness makes pretty short workk here of Ava Storie. She beats her with a leaping foot stomp into her midsection. After the match, Van Ness mounts Storie and claws away at her. Kongo Kong enters the ring and stands by Laurel's side.

Laurel Van Ness defeats Ava Storie by pinfall

A Rockstar Spud vignette airs after the break. In it, Spud is still in recovery after being assaulted by 'Swoggle'.

L.A.X. is shown arriving to the arena in their low rider. They are wearing black and white faces of death like paint and are holding urns. They say that they are going to pay their respects to the fallen Decay tonight..... We cut inside the darkened arena and L.A.X.'s trademark gun shot theme plays over ominous music. Sounding very similar to The Undertaker's. Konnan gets on the mic and says that this is a somber occasion in the history of this company. Rosemary is shown watching this funeral ceremony from the top of the arena. Konnan then flips the script and says that they are not going to pay respect to the Decay. He then instructs the members of Decay to pour out the ashes from the urns. The two urns are supposed to represent Abyss and Crazzy Steve. L.A.X. sends out a message and warning to all the other tag teams in Impact Wrestling. Konnan announces that LAX is going to be in the GFW World Tag Title tournament. Konnan states that Impact is just like this country. Full of broken promises. A fan is shown waving the American flag in the crowd. Konnan notices the fan and tells him to sit down. He then insults America and compares the flag to toilet paper. When Konnan goes outside the ring to go after the fan....V.O.W.'s music hits..... Mayweather and Wilcox come down to the ring and take out Santana and Ortiz.

Moose (c) vs. Marshe Rockett

Round One: Rockett gains the advantage in the first minute. Using power moves and a variation of leg kicks. Moose battles back and hits a standing dropkick on Marshe. With a minute left in the round, Moose is in control. He hits some heavy strikes on Marshe as time expires.

Round One Scorecard: Moose wins the round 30-27 with all 3 judges scoring it 10-9.

Round Two: Moose stays strong at the start of the round. He finishes off Marshe quickly by hitting a pop up power bomb, a standing moonsault and a go to hell choke slam.

Moose defeats Marshe Rockett by pinfall in round two to retain The Impact Grand Championship

After the match, Tyrus makes his way to ringside. While Moose is distracted by him. Eli Drake shows up and jumps Moose from behind. Tyrus then hits the heart punch on Moose. Chris Adonis then runs down to the ring and also beats down on Moose. He applies the Adonis Lock and seconds later, Drake hits Moose with a steel chair. Eli hesitates a bit and stares down Adonis before hitting Moose.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage after the commercial break. She interviews Dutch Mantel. Dutch says that he has been listening to the fans and announces that there will be an Ultimate X match for the X division title next week on Impact.

Angelina Love w/Davey Richards vs. Alisha w/Eddie Edwards

Eddie is on crutches when he shows up with his wife. Mathews on commentary notes that Edwards has minor knee surgery after Richards attack on him last week. Aisha charges into the ring and goes after Angelina Love. They roll around the league catfight style and end up on the ringside floor. When they get back in the ring, Angelina knocks down Alisha with a clothesline. She then grounds and pounds her. Angelina tries to finish off Alisha but she counters with a future shock DDT. Davey Richards then gets up on the apron and Alisha takes a shot at him. While the ref is distracted, Love wraps her hand with a steel chain and cold cocks Alisha in the back of the head. The ref turns and sees this and calls for the bell.

Alisha defeats Angelina Love by disqualification

In the post match, Eddie Edwards comes into the ring to check on his unconscious wife. He confronts Angelina and Davey sneaks up behind Eddie and hits him with one of his crutches. He slams it over Edwards injured knee. Officials come out to check on the Edwards couple while Richards and Love make out in the ring.

When Impact returns, Impact World Champion Bobby Lashley is interviewed backstage about tonight's main event. Lashley says that he has won every major title in the business and that sooner or later, The GFW Global title will be his as well.

Magnus (c) vs. Alberto El Patron

Magnus tries to cheap shot Alberto but he is ready for it. El Patron briefly gets Magnus in his cross arm breaker in between the ropes. He then delivers several strikes and a basement dropkick. Magnue battles back with a series of suplexes and applies a chinlock. Alberto battles to his feet with a back suplex of his own. Both men head to the outside and Alberto runs at Magnus and knocks him down. The action is back in the ring and Patron lands with a top rope clothesline for a near fall. Alberto then applies a chinlock but Magnus breaks free. They both end up battling to the top rope and then both crash to the outside floor, as the show heads to break.

Magnus and Alberto are trading strikes when the show returns. Alberto hits multiple clotheslines and then a step up enziguri for a near fall. He then sets for the big "Si" kick but Magnus counters and hits a sit out power slam. Magnus then leaps off the top and connects with an elbow drop. Alberto is covered but kicks out at 2. Magnus tries to clamp on his cloverleaf submission but Alberto battles out of it. Josh Mathews on commentary takes time on commentary to shout out Jim Ross. He says that JR has been tweeting and complimenting him during the show..... Alberto and Magnus are now back on the outside. Magnus suplexes Alberto onto the ramp way. Magnus goes back into the ring to try and get the countout victory. Alberto beats the 10 count but is met in the ring by Magnus. Alberto rallies with a back stabber and locks in the cross arm breaker submission. Magnus manages to get to the ropes to break the hold. He rolls to the outside and Alberto follows him. El Patron then slams Magnus's elbow into a steel chair at ringside. When they both get back in the ring, Alberto leaps off the top but is struck with an uppercut by Magnus. Alberto is then locked into the clover leaf submission but is able to get to the ropes, to break the hold. Alberto goes on a quick flurry of moves and hits the "Si" kick and gets a near pinfall on Magnus. Moments later, Alberto goes for the cross arm breaker but Magnus evades it and dives at Alberto's knee.

Both men then battle to the top rope. Magnus sets up for a superplex but Alberto knocks him down and he ends up hanging from the ropes. Alberto leaps off with his signature double foot stomp but Magnus moves out of the way. Alberto lands on his injured leg. Magnus then power bombs Alberto and sets up to finish off Alberto. Magnus gets Alberto up in a death valley driver position but Alberto counters into the armbreaker. Magnus can't escape from the submission and is forced to tap out.

Alberto El Patron defeats Magnus by submission to become The New GFW Global Champion

The show closes with Alberto celebrating his victory with the fans. Josh Mathews goes way overboard with his selling of this title victory, calling it potentially the biggest moment in the history of the company. That kind of over selling gets you more real heat than his silly bragging heel antics.

Below is an exclusive video after Impact. Alberto goes through the crowd and then returns to the ring. He gets on the mic and thanks the fans.

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