- Above, at a live event in Birmingham, England, Kevin Owens addressed the crowd saying that because he's the U.S. Champion, he's better than everyone in England, including WWE UK Champion, Tyler Bate. After taunting the crowd a bit more, Sami Zayn took Owens out.

- WWE Shop's latest sale is "Buy one T-Shirt, get one for $1." No code is needed for the discount, just click here. There are some exclusions that apply: Pre-order, Schamberger Art Print T-Shirts, Homage Tees, Junk Food Tees, and Clearance Items. The sale runs until May 12 at 9:59pm EST.

- Matt Hardy retweeted a fan today giving praise to Billy Corgan, who helped fund and nearly take over TNA late last year before Anthem eventually purchased the company. More recently, Corgan has purchased the NWA. Hardy then called Impact Wrestling President, Ed Nordholm, "Naive" for funding GWF at TNA's expense.

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