- Above is the full match between Goldberg and The Rock at Backlash in 2003. A spear and jackhammer by Goldberg finished off The Rock to get the one-two-three.

- Today, Road Dogg (48), one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions Akam (24), and Danielle Kamela (currently on NXT live events - 24) all had birthdays today. WWE sent well wishes to Akam and Road Dogg via their Instagram:

- Dolph Ziggler cut a promo on Shinsuke Nakamura before their upcoming match at Backlash on Sunday. Ziggler talks about how he was at one point a rising midcard star, brought up by grassroots style support from the fans and that they love a shiny new toy. He then said:

"On Sunday, when everyone is chanting, and cheering, and just waiting for him to hit his finisher and win the match. And I win. The entire business wins. Because this isn't about hand-picking winners and watching them soar to the top. Ya sink or swim, when you get to WWE on the main roster - especially on SmackDown Live, the cool place to be - I'm here and I'm sure as hell not looking to give up my spot."

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