- Above is video of Nikki Bella and her mother at GirlTalk Network's recent Connect+Inspire event in Phoenix, AZ. The Bella Twins have been involved in the GirlTalk women empowerment movement for a while now. Nikki mentions that Brie Bella wasn't able to be there because she's off doing all the mom stuff that Nikki hopes to never see.

- WWE stock was down 0.20% today, closing at $19.76 per share. Today's high was $19.92 and the low was $19.69.

- As seen below, R-Truth says he's working on a rap single about Goldust, who turned on him two weeks ago and ended their Golden Truth tag team. Truth did not appear on last night's RAW, which saw Goldust begin an apparent push after announcing that The Golden Age has returned.

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