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WWE Talking Smack - 5/23/17

This week's Talking Smack kicks off with Renee Young and Shane McMahon and they move into the Money in the Bank ladder match made on SmackDown Live earlier tonight. Shane says it's one of his favorite matches and Renee reminds us that Dolph Ziggler is the only competitor in the match to have won MITB in the past. She wonders what it would look like if Kevin Owens wins the briefcase and eventually the WWE Title while holding the US Title. Renee wants a prediction and Shane can't call it yet, talking up Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura, Baron Corbin and all of the competitors facing off on June 18th from St. Louis Missouri.

We get a plug for Rocket League and Renee starts talking more about MITB when the New Day walks in singing "Take it back." Kofi puts his Yeezy boosts up on the table and all three members of the New Day show off their kicks. Shane and Renee join the fun, putting their feet up on the table before Big E says that a lot of people on the internet like to see feet. Renee says that's for another website before everyone sits down.

Xavier Woods asks who's the top 5 tag teams of all time, and Kofi says New Day, New Day, New Day, New Day, and New Day. But they heard JBL say that The Usos are the best tag team on SmackDown and tell them that they let JBL say anything around here. Renee wants to know what they have been up to and Big E informs us he married a couple while they were off. He wishes he could have 'married' Renee, as the official of course. He says he cast the demons of Kofi's ankle out of him. Xavier tells us he's been busy with UpUpDownDown and recently just had his first child, while Kofi says he's been spending time with his family. Big E tells us he doesn't have any kids, 'as far as he knows.'

Shane asks who they have their eyes on here and Xavier tells him he's heard the tag division does it big here on the Blue Brand. The New Day talk about Breezango having momentum, and Renee asks about The Usos. Shane asks if Big E is hungry because he sees him eyeing a box of Booty O's. Big E says he lives hungry and not to tell him how to live his life. They plug Booty O's as Shane starts doing the hip dance, and they say that originally, they wanted women to do the hip gyrating dance. Big E says that means Renee has to do the dance, and after a drum roll by Shane she eventually gives in.

Renee says they're excited to have The New Day on SmackDown and New Day tell her they're excited to be on the Blue Brand. Plus, Xavier needs new faces for UpUpDownDown, and he'd love to have Shane on the show, which he agrees to. The hosts ask if they have their eyes on any tag teams and they say all of the teams have their attention, from the Usos to American Alpha, who they think everyone is sleeping on. Renee gives them the cue that it's time to leave and they wonder if they're being kicked off. Shane says he didn't hear the cue and they can stay, but they decide they need to go get some male rompers before leaving boxes of Booty O's for the hosts.

Shane and Renee talk about the Punjabi celebration earlier tonight and she says she'd love to see more of these celebrations. She asks Shane his opinion on Jinder's title win and Shane says no matter what, you have to give Mahal props for the work he's put in. They say he looks like a million bucks with the title, and talk about the shock of the fans. Randy has invoked his rematch clause in his hometown and might have the hometown advantage.

Young asks if Jinder Mahal got lucky at Backlash, and Shane is slow to answer. He says wins over Randy Orton don't come around often, and while it's not necessarily lucky, it's very rare. Renee thinks the Singh Brothers are lucky to be walking after being thrown into the announce tables by Orton.

Our next guest is Naomi, and Renee asks how she feels following her match at Backlash. Naomi says she's feeling the glow, and Renee turns her attention to the 5-way elimination #1 contender's match coming up for a SmackDown Women's Title match at Money in the Bank. Shane asks if it matters who she faces, and she tells them she has unfinished business with all of the women in the match.

Shane asks what Naomi does to stay prepared, and she says getting in the ring as often as possible is important, as well as eating and living right. Renee wants to know how she trains, and Naomi says eating in moderation and good genetics help. They offer her some Booty O's and she takes a box for herself, telling us she hasn't gotten her free box yet.

When asked about Carmella's pinfall victories over the Women's Champ, Naomi tells Renee it proves that she can't take any of her competitors lightly, and has to watch out for James Ellsworth, or "Ellsworthless." We see footage of Becky's pinfall over Carmella earlier tonight and Renee asks what it took for Naomi to really find her Glow. She says it was probably being at the very bottom and she knows what it's like not to have the title. For that reason, she would love to give Becky Lynch a shot, because she knows where she's at having both won and lost the title just like herself.

Naomi says that she wants to prove to her fans that she really did deserve the title like they said after she won. Shane asks what drove her into wrestling and she says it was never her plan, as she always worked to be and successfully became a professional dancer. But a feeling in her gut told her to go into wrestling, and even though she found herself crying on the phone with her mom, her passion, dedication, and love of the physicality kept her going.

Renee asks what the champ's support system looks like, and she says she's very family oriented. She has an amazing husband and her step children think she's the coolest, so she can't drop the title any time soon. Naomi also gives credit to the Nao-Mob, her fans that give her the motivation to keep going. They're looking forward seeing who wins the #1 contender spot and thank Naomi for joining. Renee says that whoever faces Naomi might be in trouble because the champ has a lot of momentum going into Money in the Bank. That's all for this week as we sign off for Talking Smack!

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