- Above, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta for Calgary-Shaw, Graham Sucha, took time to recognize Jinder Mahal's WWE Championship win over Randy Orton on Sunday. Mahal was born in Calgary in 1986, and Sucha congratulated the new champion.

"I think I speak for all of 'Albertans' when I'd like to congratulate this talented wrestler from Calgary on his championship win," Sucha said.

- Randy Orton isn't scheduled to work any live events until the June 5th show at First Arena in Elmira, NY. However, he is still scheduled to be on TV through then.

- Ric Flair made an appearance on Good Morning Football this week and when asked about owner of Big Baller Brand, Lavar Ball, Flair said, "[He's said] he's undefeated... that's only 'cus he hasn't run into me."

Flair went on to say despite Lavar's son and future NBA Draft Pick, Lonzo Ball, being a fantastic player, his Dad is putting him in an uncomfortable position with the constant hype. Flair also admitted he's lived vicariously through his daughter, Charlotte Flair.

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