Source: USA Today

It has been around a year since Cody Rhodes left the WWE after not being satisfied with his creative direction. He has since plied his trade for various promotions. He recently spoke with USA Today's "For The Win" section. Below are some highlights of the interview:

Realizing his resemblance with his father:

"I think the biggest thing I've gotten out of this is I learned how much I want to be like my dad. For so long, I have tried not to be my dad, because that doesn't sell tickets. That doesn't help to be a repeat, a novelty or a parody or a replication.

"Since he's gone, I find myself in control of my own business and being my own boss. That's where I've found that I am more like him than I ever realized. That's been a fun thing to realize. Dusty was always his own boss even when he was in polka dots. It's cool to feel him that way."

His relationship with The Young Bucks:

"I will say it would be hard for me to do anything without The Young Bucks. They did not have to accept me as they did, but it's been full blown acceptance. They didn't know a damn thing about me. Kevin Owens told them I was a cool guy. They are Matt and Nick Rhodes and I hope I'm Cody Jackson. They have made this life very easy for me and this transition.

"Currently, that's who I'm signing with I'm signing with The Young Bucks."

Cody also looked back on his year since leaving WWE, his experience as a freelancer, and doing what feels right. You can read the entire interview by clicking here.

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