As noted, Sean "X-Pac" Waltman was arrested in late April at the Los Angeles International Airport. Waltman was flying to the U.K. for an independent wrestling appearance when he was charged with felony drug possession for allegedly attempting to bring meth and marijuana through customs.

Waltman said that the substance that he had in his possession were candida cleanse capsules that he obtained from Vitamin Cottage, and not methamphetamine. He said that he was taking the capsules because he's had a yeast infection for the past year. Waltman, who has dealt with substance abuse issues in the past, said that he understood why people may not believe his story. Waltman was quoted by TMZ Sports:

"With my past, I can totally understand anybody rolling their eyes at my story," Waltman said. "Once the lab work comes back, this should be all cleared up. But in the meantime, oh what a mess man. What a mess."

It now looks like all charges have been dropped against Waltman. Sam Roberts tweeted this out last night:

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