Sean Waltman spoke with TMZ Sports on being cleared from charges of felony drug possession for allegedly attempting to bring meth and marijuana through customs. Waltman said previously that the substance he had in his possession were candida cleanse capsules that he obtained from Vitamin Cottage, and not methamphetamine. He said that he was taking the capsules because he's had a yeast infection for the past year. His full comments can be seen in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:

Being accused of something he knew wasn't true:

"It feels amazing, because even when I was sittin' in jail the whole time, I got this smile on my face, and for once I'm going, 'Wow, for once, I didn't do it.' I'm LA County Jail for somethin' I actually didn't do, back in the day years ago I ended up in LA County, a lot. All for drugs."

Not being further pursued (on a state or federal level) for carrying marijuana:

"That just seems like a complete waste of money for the government. I mean just havin' customs checkin' people on their way out of the country is a complete waste of money, when we don't have money to waste."

Taking a lie detector test:

"Yeah, it's a crazy story, man, but I'm not hatin' on anyone that didn't believe it."

Sean Waltman also discussed more about his medication and how he won't be getting the confiscated capsules back. Again, you can listen to the full interview in the video above.

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