Taped at 'The Impact Zone' in Orlando, Florida

The show opens with a video recap of last week's show, which saw EC3 become the #1 contender to Lashley's Impact World Title, and Josh Mathews revealing 'Big Poppa Pump' Scott Steiner as his tag team partner for Slammiversary.

The 'Barbershop Quartet' are in the ring to start the show. They are decked out in blue with musical instruments in hand. EC3's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. EC3 says that tonight is a night for celebration. The quartet starts a rendition of Carter's 'Trouble Trouble' theme. EC3 cuts them off after a minute or so. Carter calls them his cousins "The hot boys and one girl". After Carter addresses his cousins individually, The quartet then sings "for he's a #1 contender, which nobody can deny". Carter cuts them off again and gloats about having his chance to be Impact champion again at Slammiversary. EC3 then cues for the quartet to sing his fight song. The quartet sings a goodbye song to Bobby Lashley and his world championship reign entitled "Goodbye My Bobby Lashley".

Alberto El Patron's music hits and he makes his way to the ring to disrupt EC3's celebration. Almost immediately following Patron thanks to editing probably, out comes Bruce Prichard with Tyrus, Karen Jarrett and Dutch Mantel. Prichard gets on the mic from the stage area. He announces that Alberto El Patron will defend his GFW title in the main event tonight against Ethan Carter. The winner will earn a shot at Lashley's Impact Heavyweight Title at Slammiversary. Prichard adds at the end, that the match between Alberto and Ethan will be a six sides of steel cage match.

When the show returns from the break. Mathews and Da Pope reset the show and hype tonight's main event. Mathews hypes Impact's shows coming up in India, starting next week.

Moose (c) vs. Eli Drake w/Chris Adonis

Special Judges- Bruce Prichard, Dutch Mantel & Scott D'Amore

Round One: Moose starts off the match hot. He takes the fight to Drake and knocks him down with some hard strikes. With two minutes left in the round, Drake turns the tables in the round by clipping Moose's knee. Eli goes to work on his left knee for the remainder of the round. Drake applies a figure four leg lock as time expires in the round.

Round One Scorecard: Prichard, Mantel and D'Amore all score the round 10-9 for Eli Drake. Eli wins the round 30-27.

Round Two: Mathews makes an old Jerry Lawler joke about Dutch Mantel. He says that Dutch has been around so long that the dead sea was only sick when he started..... Drake continues to target Moose's knee at the start of the round. Drake wraps Moose's legs around the ring post and then slams his injured knee against it repeatedly. When it appears that Drake is going to apply the old Bret Hart ringpost figure four, Moose counters and sends Drake into the post. With a minute left in the round, Moose hits a nice looking standing dropkick, it sends Eli crashing to the floor. Moments later, Moose hits a second rope moonsault but is unable to cover Eli, as time expires.

Round Two Scorecard: The on screen graphic for the judges still has them numbered from 1 through 3. Judge 1(Mantel?) scores the round 10-9 for Moose, Judge 2 (D'Amore) scores the round 10-9 in favor of Drake, Judge 3 (Prichard) scores the round 10-9 for Moose. So Moose wins the round 29-28.

Round Three: Drake is ahead in the scorecard 58-56 heading into this final three minute round...... The round starts off as a slugfest. Moose wins the battle and then hits "Go To Hell" on Eli for a near fall. Mathews mocks Bruce Prichard's podcast on commentary..... Eli Drake counters a pump kick into a judo throw suplex for a near fall. With just over a minute left, Eli and Moose go back to trading strikes. Moose lands consecutive forearms and Drake falls to his knees. With 10 seconds to go, Chris Adonis grabs the bottom leg of Moose as he is setting up for his finisher. When Moose breaks free, Drake hits his finisher but time runs out on the round.

Round Three Scorecard: Jugge 1 scores the round 10-9 for Drake. Judges 2 and 3 score the round 10-9 for Moose. So Moose wins the round 29-28.... He is then declared the winner of the match. The numbers don't seem to add up but Moose did win two rounds.

Moose defeats El Drake by judges decision to retain The Impact Grand Championship

Highlights are shown from last week of Rosemary coming to Allie's aid.... An interview conducted earlier today with Allie airs. As she is stammering to talk about why Rosemary helped her, Rosemary appears. Allie asks why she helped her. Rosemary says that she may have lost her family in Decay but she is still out there to save those in danger. Rosemary tells Allie to not be fearful because she is going to protect her.

An 'Impact Live' ad airs hyping an upcoming event in New York City on August 5th, at the home of The Staten Island Yankees. I can't remember the last time, I saw this company with a commercial for an actual live event. Baby steps......

Allie w/Braxton Sutter vs. Amber Nova

Nova is announced by Dave Penzer as being from "The Garage".... Swoggle is shown seated in the front row, checking out the action. Nova parks Allie down to the mat with a collar and elbow tie-up. Amber then corners Allie but she battles back with successive clotheslines. When Allie attempts to charge at Amber in the corner, she misses and Amber then grapevines Allie's head and rams it into the top turnbuckle. Amber stays in control as the crowd chants for Allie. She eventually rallies and hits a leaping lariat. Allie fires up after getting words of encouragement from Braxton. Allie is doing a good job pretending that she still doesn't know how to wrestle. Allie hits an "Allie Valley Driver" on Nova and secures the victory.

Allie defeats Amber Nova by pinfall

Allie acts shocked by her win and gets over joyous. She leans over and hugs Nova after the match to thank her.........Joseph Park and Jeremy Borash are shown in a golf cart, arriving to the arena.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) w/Konnan, Diamante & Homicide vs. The Veterans Of War

VOW starts start brawling with LAX and come out on top early. Wilcox double clotheslines LAX down to the mat. Mayweather is in, He hits an over head suplex on Santana and then a hip toss on Ortiz. With NO DQ, there's no valid reason for tagging whatsoever here...... Homicide gets involved and that turns the tables for LAX. Wilcox gets double teamed on the outside and Santana grounds Mayweather and goes to work on him. LAX isolates Mayweather in their corner and prevent him from making a tag in a "No DQ match".....

LAX controls the match for the next few minutes. Mayweather takes a beating for a while. He eventually rallies and makes the magical no dq tag to Wilcox. Wilcox hits a fallaway slam on Ortiz and then hits a stiff lariat on him. Wilcox then hits a samoan drop on Ortiz. When he goes for the cover, Diamante interferes and puts Ortiz's leg on the bottom rope. The ref comes outside the ring and admonishes Diamante for her interference in a NO DQ match.... Mayweather goes after Diamante, Konnan walks by him and then hits him from behind in the knee with a bat. With the ref distracted in a "No DQ match".... Homicide sneaks up from behind and hits Wilcox in the back with one of The Impact tag titles. LAX then hits their assisted top rope power bomb on Wilcox to secure the victory.

LAX defeats V.O.W. to win the GFW Tag Titles and become dual champions

When Impact returns, McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Jeremy Borash and Joseph Park. They are asked about Scott Steiner being Josh Mathews partner at Slammiversary. Borash says that he has always wanted to be a broadcaster in wrestling and that he never intended to step foot inside of a wrestling ring. JB says that he is bowing out of his tag team match at the ppv. Joseph Park gives him a motivational speech to get him to wrestle that match. Park tells Borash that he wants to train him hard for the tag match. Borash tells Park that he has lost his mind and mentions Scott Steiner. JB walks away from Park.

Low-Ki (c) vs. Andrew Everett

Sonjay Dut comes out for commentary before the match starts. Sonjay is wearing an eye patch over his right eye. As a result of what happened on the night of his return to the company. He says that many feel that it was an accident but he doesn't put anything past Low-Ki and would not be surprised if he deliberately tried to blind him.

Low-Ki schools Everett early but Andrew rallies with a nice looking dropkick. Once Andrew starts mounting some offense, Low-Ki gets frustrated and starts nailing him with some stiff shots in the corner. Back and forth action for the next couple of minutes, as both men take to the air. When the action gets to the outside, Low-Ki grounds Andrew with a drop kick. He then circles around and goes to taunt Sonjay at the announce table. The show goes to break.... When Impact returns, Low-Ki is still in control. This time inside the ring. He floors Andrew with a martial arts kick. Everett eventually rallies and hits a basement drop kick to Low-Ki's knee. When Everett goes to the top rope, Low-Ki shuts down his offense quickly by taking out Andrew's legs. Everett is then put in an abdominal stretch. Low-Ki taunts Andrew and grounds him again. Out of desperation, Andrew hits a mule kick to Low-Ki's head. He follows that up with a pele kick. Everett builds up momentum and hits a rana to the corner and then connects with a standing shooting star press for a near fall. Moments later, both men battle to the top rope. Andrew knocks down Low-Ki and goes for a shooting star press from the top but Low-Ki picks up his knees at the last second. Low-Ki then hits a running double foot stomp and then his warrior's way foot stomp from the top for the victory.

Low-Ki defeats Andrew Everett via pinfall to retain The X Division Championship

After a Lashley video airs, The six sided steel cage structure is shown being put together. Swoggle is shown once again in the crowd. Spud shows up to exact his revenge. Spud brings Swoggle to ringside and gets out a hammer from under the ring. Spud then hits Swoggle repeatedly with the hammer. Swoggle actually starts bleeding from the attack. Mathews on commentary rips on Spud's attire rather than focusing on the attack. He makes an H&M and pleather jacket reference.

Alberto El Patron (c) vs. Ethan Carter III

The winner of this goes on to face Bobby Lashley for The Impact World Championship at Slammiversary..... Alberto is very aggressive at the outset. He throws EC3 into the steel cage and then tries to escape. Mathews makes mention of the giant camera holes in the cage and how the wrestlers are not allowed to escape from there..... Carter stops Alberto from escaping and throws him down to the mat. He then takes control for the next couple of minutes. Carter ends up throwing Patron into the steel cage. Alberto rallies with a tornado DDT. When both men start to climb up the cage. EC3 puts Alberto on his shoulders and hits a samoan drop off the top rope.

EC3 is in control when the show returns. He hits consecutive belly to back suplexes on Alberto. El Patron tries to recover and retreat. He crawls towards one of the openings in the cage. Carter follows him and pounds away with some forearms. EC3 stays in control on the mat. Alberto eventually rallies with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. He then attempts to climb out of the cage. EC3 gets up and goes after him. He gets him in an electric chair position on his shoulders and then drops Alberto face first down to the mat. EC3 then attempts to escape, Alberto chases Carter and hits a modified back stabber. Both men trade strikes when they get back to their feet. Alberto wins out and hits the big "Si" kick and gets a near pinfall out of it. Alberto then cues for the cross arm breaker but Carter avoids it. Alberto goes for his step up enzuguri but misses. Carter hits a cutter on Alberto for a near fall. Carter calls for the 1 percenter but Patron counters. When EC3 tries to hit the TK3, Patron counters into the cross arm breaker. EC3 rolls through and escapes the hold. Carter hits Alberto with the TK3 and gets a close fall out of it.

The closing moments of the match sees EC3 hit a Liger Bomb on Alberto for a near fall. Carter then salutes Alberto and makes his way up the cage. Alberto gets up, sees EC3 and frantically rushes to the top. They battle to the top of the cage. Alberto kicks Carter down and he ends up locked up in the tree of woe. Alberto hits his hanging double foot stomp from the top of the cage. Rather than escape the cage, Alberto hits a frog splash from the top rope and pins EC3.

Alberto El Patron defeats EC3 in six sides of steel to retain The GFW Heavyweight Championship and earn an Impact World Title match at Slammiversary

The show ends with Josh Mathews hyping next week's Impact in India.

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