- As seen above, the latest WWE Top 10 looks at the greatest showdowns involving former members of The Shield - Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and current WWE Intercontinental Champion Dean Ambrose.

- The "The WWE Music Power 10" series returns to the WWE Network this coming Wednesday at 9pm EST. Below is the synopsis:

"The WWE Music Power 10 returns to count down the most spectacular Superstar entrances and music performances from WrestleMania in Orlando!"

- As noted, Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal winner Mojo Rawley has been tweeting Shane McMahon after going more than 1 whole month since having a SmackDown TV match. Below are some of the recent posts where he's been tagging the SmackDown Commissioner:

6AM workout. 30 inch box jumps with 100lb dumbbells in hand followed by a med ball throw. Lower Body Power Day. Best workout of the week. Find a way to constantly mix up your workouts so you constantly shock your system. Do the work, keep it moving. Don't need no rest. Don't need no sleep. I grind while they sleep. #NoExcuses #JustResults #MojoRising #LegDay #Waiting #WWE #Smackdown #SDLive #Box #BrightAssYellowShirts @fla_hayes #MegaManHands

I know you hear me @shanemcmahonwwe.
Post workout Upper Body burn outs. Throw the @fatgripz on the handles, toss on some chains, throw some plates on top, then add the heaviest dumbbell we got for the cherry on top. Shock your system, diversify your workouts. You don't always have to use a bar to get strong. @fla_hayes leading the charge. #cantstopwontstop #MojoRising #NoExcuses #JustResults #fatgripz #WWE #Smackdown #SDLive @zubaz #zubaz #nosleep #patriots #DoTheWork #ComeOnShane

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