As noted previously, this year on YouTube there have been some controversial videos regarding social relations that has caused large advertisers to back away from the site. This has also forced YouTube to be much more strict on their viewing restrictions, which includes pro wrestling. This change in policy has severely hurt revenue streams for independent promotions, causing some to adjust their plans going forward. In May, WCPW was forced to cancel a number of their upcoming Loaded shows due to these changes.

Their most recent show was entitled Fight Back and used a logo similar to YouTube's logo. WCPW ended up receiving a "Strike" on their account and YouTube also took down the full Fight Back show over the weekend. In response, WCPW released a video of WCPW General Manager, Adam Blampied, giving a passionate speech about what has been going on and how wrestling brings people together. The video has been seen over 136,000 times and it looks like YouTube took notice. Via Blampied's Twitter:

YouTube returned the full event to its website, while also removing the "Strike" they gave to WCPW. The full event can be seen at the top of the article.

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