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Chavo Guerrero Jr. spoke to iNews about his wrestling trainer role with the Netflix series, Glow. Here are some of the highlights:

Starting with the basics:

"I just assumed everybody knew the rules of wrestling. [Laughs] After about a week, somebody went to pin the other person, and was like 'how do we do it?' I ended up stopping practice, and I had to explain 'this is how you win' and 'when you go outside [the ring] you have a 10-count to get back in'. "To make sure they were safe, I had to build their trust. After I established that 'I'll never make you do anything that I don't feel 100% confident that you can do', they were down for anything."

How long he had to train the cast:

"We had five days a week from about five weeks before the show even started filming. I had them in the ring for eight hours a day. I wasn't teaching them to have a WrestleMania match, I was teaching them to look like they knew what they were doing on camera."

The growth of women's wrestling:

"It's not just women's wrestling; it's women empowerment right now. Five or six years ago, women weren't even allowed to fight in [mixed martial arts competition] UFC, and now you have Ronda Rousey, the biggest name in UFC, drawing the biggest numbers. We all have a mother, a wife, or a sister who would whup any of our butts. We all know they're a lot stronger than we are, so now that Hollywood's writing about it, I love it."

You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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