Pete Dunne Wants To Help WrestleMania Come To The UK

WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne was interviewed by Martyn Nolan of IWC Radio at WWE NXT's show in Leeds, England earlier this month. In the interview, Dunne provided some interesting insight as he continues to grow his following as WWE's second-ever UK Champion. One question many fans have asked is how exactly did the term Bruiserweight originate.

"I was in China for 3 months, doing a tour and I was teaming with CJ Banks. We needed a name and it was around the time of the Cruiserweight Classic. We thought Bruiserweight's was a pretty funny name," Dunne told IWC Radio.

"We put it on social media and never thought anymore of it. Then, Andy Quildan from Revolution Pro Wrestling contacted me and said that he wanted to bring me in and use this Bruiserweight stuff. Whilst there, I just added pieces to the puzzle and it's become what it is today. That year, I was trying to stand out as much as possible and the term Bruiserweight really fit my character and people seem to like it."

Dunne knows that British wrestling fans are vying for the chance to attend a WrestleMania in the United Kingdom. It's something he would like to try and help happen.

"It's not something I've heard but it's always something I try to talk about," Dunne explained. "Considering my responsibility of being the UK Champion, if I can help that happen, then I will do my best. Whether it's that, a different PPV or another WWE Network special, the more of that stuff then the better. The more British wrestling we can get then that's got to be better. I hope that one day we can do that and that I can be a part of it."

Dunne also revealed his favorite opponent and who he would like to rematch.

"In the UK brand, I would personally like to have a continued rivalry with Mark Andrews, he's always my favorite opponent and if I could do that in different stages with WWE then I would be really happy, Pete said. "I'd also like to have a rematch with Tyler Bate."

You can listen to Pete Dunne's interview with IWC Radio in its entirety in the video embedded above.


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