- Above is a hype video for the upcoming G1 Climax 27 tournament. The video includes a number of past winners, including Okada and Omega. Here's the full list of participants and blocks for this year's tournament.

- On NJPW World, fans will be able to watch the first G1 Climax 27 show on July 17 (2am ET) for free. It will have English commentary and will feature Tanahashi vs. Sabre Jr. and Naito vs. Ibushi.

- According to @Strigga of Purolove.com, in the Tokyo Sports newspaper, NJPW Owner Takaaki Kidani said the US G1 Special show was a huge success and they would like to try a US tour no later than March or April in 2018. They also plan to open a Los Angeles office and dojo in early 2018.

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