Australian independent pro wrestler Mick Moretti is starting to get noticed. After trying out for both WWE and Impact Wrestling, Moretti is not only becoming well known in his native Australia, he's also beginning to make his mark on the American independent scene with promotions such as CHIKARA.

Moratti was part of WWE's tryout in Melbourne, Australia last December, something he spoke in detail about to Wrestle:List.

"It was awesome. I was rolling on a high the whole time I was there, and I was pumped full of adrenaline, it was a really surreal experience," Moretti said. "It was while they were touring Australia with NXT, they were in Melbourne for this particular tryout. They brought us in to the stadium, it was a special invitation only for wrestlers from around the country and it started off with a bang."

Australia has proved to be full of talent for WWE with recent success stories including Emma, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay.

"We got there and there were 20 wrestlers who couldn't find the entrance to the stadium and it was pissing down with rain," Moratti recalled. "So we were all walking around in our suits because you want to look nice for WWE. We are all getting so soaked because no one thought to bring an umbrella. We are drenched as we are trying to find the entrance and there is construction going on at certain spots and we can't find our way in. We finally get in, we are all wet, and we look miserable but at the same time super excited."

The tryout coincided with WWE NXT's live event at the Margaret Court Arena and was led by WWE Performance Center coaches and William Regal.

"The tryout itself was fantastic; William Regal and Albert ran it. We were in the NXT ring inside the stadium, which was empty and was amazing in itself," said Moretti. "It was exciting to get feedback from William Regal while we were rolling about in the ring and doing our thing. I don't think we got the full tryout experience that some people get. We didn't do a lot; we did a bunch of rolls, we listened to a few points of note from Regal, then they paired us up to do some matches. From there we got to go watch the show that night, it was pretty incredible."

You can listen to Mick Moretti's complete interview with Wrestle:List embedded in the video above. You can check out more quotes from it by clicking here.

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