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On episode 137 of Sam Roberts' Wrestling Podcast, 'The Last Professional Broadcaster' Sam Roberts welcomed ROH World Champion Cody to the show. The former Cody Rhodes talked about former Bullet Club stablemate Adam Cole's future in pro wrestling, why he thinks the IWGP Junior Heavyweight and Ring Of Honor World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks are better than The Revival, and missing the chance to work NXT's Roderick Strong on the indies.

According to Rhodes, Cole should go to NXT, as a lot of indie guys do not have to start from scratch when they move onto WWE's yellow brand.

"Everybody [has] got to do what's right for them and he won three different Ring Of Honor world titles. And, I mean, he made history for Ring Of Honor. He made that his home. He provided them a really great body of work. If Adam Cole ever asked me, 'what should I do?', I'm not saying he did, I feel like the answer is definitely, 'go to NXT - go to WWE.' I don't know if that's the decision that he has made because you don't know. If it's your time, you've got to go. And, hopefully, we're seeing more and more, especially with NXT, guys who built their brand, they're kind of protected because they already built their brand. Roderick Strong, Samoa Joe, like, they didn't have to really come in and prove themselves. They already proved themselves. They've proven themselves to be the best. [Drew] Galloway, perfect example. And I hope that's what Adam did."

Rhodes, who garnered some media attention with his "f--k The Revival" credo, said he has merely taken the side of the Young Bucks in the great debate over which is the better tag team. 'The American Nightmare' explained that the Young Bucks put together great matches on a nightly basis whereas The Revival's best matches were afforded over a month's time to orchestrate in NXT.  

"Okay, so Revival, here's one thing. I took the Bucks' side and here's my logic behind it: Revival has had some absolutely bang-up, amazing performances on these NXT specials. Okay, the Bucks have these bang-up, unbelievable performances almost every night. When you're in developmental, and this is not a knock on NXT, it's developmental because you don't get a check for live events and you're not on the road. That's why it's developmental. It doesn't mean it's less than. NXT is obviously incredibly, incredibly hot. It's super, super cool and they do great things there, but when you have a month, a month straight, knowing of your match and you're in a [pro] wrestling school for a month straight, every day, that better be the best match that anyone [has] ever seen, whereas the Bucks show up with two hours [before bell time] and throw together the best match they've ever seen. All it does for me is wanting to see the guys wrestle. I want to see it and that's the test. That's the difference when people are like, 'don't call NXT developmental'. The difference is doing it every single night, not being in a wrestling school. Doing it every single night. That is the difference. That is why it's called developmental. It doesn't mean that Samoa Joe, who is not on NXT anymore, or Bobby Roode are developmental talent. Those guys are stars, but the difference is being on the road. That's the difference, which they've all been. But that's the difference. That's why it's developmental and one is called the main roster."

Rhodes went on to call his Bullet Club brethren is the best tag team in the world.

"I think the Bucks are hands-down the best tag team in the world because they can do it with anybody. Anybody." Rhodes continued, "so that's my love for the Bucks. They can do it like [a snap of the fingers], whereas a lot you hear about these NXT matchups, well, they should be the best match you've ever seen. They've had a month to go over it."

Before 'The List Of Jericho,' there was Cody's "After 8/19" list (and Wade Barrett's list). During the podcast, Rhodes talked about never getting a chance to wrestle Strong on the indies and the possibility of a second list with more goals.  

"Roderick Strong didn't get checked. It's sad." Rhodes added, "I thought about making a new list, yeah, but I feel like the first list was really good, but the second list would be… there's more than just opponents. Like, we've talked about it. There's the 10,000-seat arena. That would be on there. That's a big part of it. Yeah, no, maybe I'll make a new list."

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