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Hello everyone, today I decided to break up the monotony of these columns by trying to do something a bit different. Instead of a column I recorded a podcast that I hope people will listen to and enjoy. Right now the aspects of it are pretty crude, just basically me talking into a microphone and the sound quality is mediocre. However, I think it is a fresh and engaging platform and I hope that some of my weekly readers will give it a chance and enjoy the show. If people enjoy it, I will continue to make more of them, hopefully with a co-host and better quality. I've been writing at for over five years and have always enjoyed the support that I have received from our loyal readers. Have a great weekend everyone.

In this podcast

* WWE follows up a dreadful Battleground with a very good SmackDown

* What is going on with the SmackDown women's division?

* Tag Team wrestling in WWE and why it is a weekly highlight

* How long will Jinder Mahal last as champion?

* The return of babyface authority figures and their impact on RAW and SmackDown?

* The G1 Climax

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