- Above is a clip from the GFW Amped Anthology featuring current 205 Live Star, TJ Perkins. TJP talks mainly about his journey as a pro wrestler and his match against Andrew Everett.

- GFW uploaded nine full Xplosion matches to YouTube for fans in the U.S. to watch. Some of the matches include: Tyrus vs. Caleb Konley, Braxton Sutter vs. Dezmond Xavier, and Andrew Everett vs. Taiji Ishimori. You can find the newest batch - along with all the other Xplosion matches - in the link below.

- A fan asked Executive Vice President of Anthem Sports and Entertainment, Ed Nordholm, about if he would buy Lucha Underground, if their fourth season didn't happen. Nordholm responded, "I'm sure rumors of the demise of Lucha Underground are no more valid than those about GFW." This comes on the heels of Global Force Wrestling Vice President of Production, Kevin Sullivan, ripping Sports Illustated's report about GFW "hemorrhaging funds." Nordholm continued that he would be thrilled to have Lucha Underground as a partner in their new Global Wrestling Network. It should also be noted his tweet about the rumors was retweeted on the Impact Wrestling Twitter account.

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