Thursday's Impact Barbed Wire Massacre Match Officially Not Airing On POP TV

It was originally reported that the Barbed Wire Massacre match with Impact Tag Team Champions The LAX vs. OVE & Sami Callihan would not air on Thursday's Impact Wrestling episode as it would air on Impact's new Twitch channel to kickoff the new partnership with the streaming site instead. Impact then advertised the match for Thursday's POP TV broadcast but they have now confirmed that the match will air exclusively on Twitch.

Impact is now billing the match as too violent for TV. They are asking fans to tune into the Twitch channel at the conclusion of Thursday's POP broadcast.

Below is the full announcement on the match, Twitter confirmation on the Twitch stream and the recent video promos that have footage from the match, which was previously taped:

Thursday Night Barbed Wire Massacre on Twitch

When the news broke last week on second episode of the new year of Impact Wrestling that oVe along with Sami Callihan would go against LAX along with Homicide in a Barbed Wire Massacre, it immediately blew up on social media.

So for the third time ever in Impact Wrestling history there will be a Barbed Wire Massacre however it will air after IMPACT on our brand new twitch channel!

How does one prepare for a Barbed Wire Massacre? How will it work? Will the athletes survive? These are just some of the questions that have been debated the past couple days.

To get a sense of what a Barbed Wire Massacre looks like, go onto YouTube and search Barbed Wire Massacre And you'll see the full match from Turning Point in 2005 between Abyss and Sabu. The crowd during that match definitely left the arena that night with a while knew respect for pro wrestlers, that's for sure.

But this is the kind of match that needed to be created. Especially with this current rivalry between LAX and oVe. These two teams have been battling each other since September. oVe which stands for Ohio versus Everything, won the Impact Wrestling World Tag Team Titles from LAX in October at Victory Road. But LAX was able to retain the titles two weeks ago to kick off the new year.

Of course, being from Ohio and the ones not to back down or give up, oVe won't let the battles end. The Crist boys from and Sami Callahan are out for blood. Ortiz and Santana are happy to oblige them for the third ever Barbed Wire Massacre!

The interesting thing about this Barbed Wire Massacre is there are so many variables at play in this match. It's not a one on one match. It's three against three. Both teams love to deliver devastating moves off the top rope. There will be no ropes as the ring will be surrounded by sharp barbed wire. Also, Callahan and Homicide, both men who have track records of not having a pain threshold and are ready to test the limits.

This match is going to exciting. You won't want to miss what happens when these two teams face off inside a ring surrounded by barbed wire. Tune In immediately following IMPACT on our brand new Twitch Channel!


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