UFC Fighter Takes Back WWE Meeting Claim, Rusev & Lana Impersonate The Robe Warriors, WWE TV - Spain

- Above is new video of Rusev and Lana throwing on their bath robes to mock The Robe Warriors, SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode. Rusev and Lana will face Roode and Flair in Tuesday's Mixed Match Challenge Week 9 match-up.

- WWE issued the following today:


BARCELONA, Spain and STAMFORD, Conn., March 8, 2018 WWE (NYSE: WWE) and GOL today announced a new agreement to broadcast weekly WWE highlight shows Bottom Line®, Afterburn®, and Experience® on GOL, a free-to-air sports channel available to all TV households in Spain.

Beginning this week, GOL will air Bottom Line on Saturdays at 3 p.m., Afterburn on Sundays at 3 p.m. and Experience on Mondays at 1 p.m., all with Spanish commentary.

"We are very happy to incorporate WWE in GOL, as WWE is a recognized leader in global entertainment," said Francesc Carbonell, GOL's Director. "Spectators will have the opportunity to enjoy WWE's exciting weekly highlight programming."

"GOL shares our vision and passion for engaging and entertaining our fans," said Michelle Wilson, WWE Co-President. "This partnership to televise WWE's highlight shows in Spain allows us to expand our reach and deliver additional WWE programming to our fans throughout the country."

WWE's highlight shows will also be available on GOL's TV Everywhere platform for authenticated subscribers, and on its 7-day VOD catchup window.

- We noted on Wednesday how UFC fighter Fabricio Werdum told MMAFighting.com that he was meeting with a WWE rep in San Diego later this week as he's interested in working for both WWE and UFC at the same time. Werdum took to Twitter and backed off the WWE claims, noting that he was talking about possibly doing lucha libre in Mexico instead. The MMAFighting.com article has been updated to remove any references to a meeting with WWE as well. The article now says "pro wrestling" or "pro wrestling company" where WWE once was mentioned. The article now includes an editor's note that says, "Werdum originally mentioned a meeting with WWE, but later mistakenly cited WWE instead of a Mexican "lucha libre" company."

Werdum was specific about meeting with WWE in the original article, noting that film producer Rob Hickman helped him arrange the meeting with a WWE rep. Werdum worked with Hickman on the Kickboxer remake in 2016. Werdum said in the original article, "I'll have this meeting Thursday in San Diego to see if something happens with WWE. It's cool, a unique opportunity to do a few fights there as well. People think it's easy, but it's not. You have to be well trained to do those jumps, you have to be agile. It's not easy as some people might think. It's quite complicated. You have to be well trained and practice a lot to captivate the audience."

Werdum tweeted the following:


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