WWE On Matt Hardy's Future, John Cena On Telling Nikki Bella About His Nude Scenes, Titus O'Neil

- Above is another clip from John Cena's appearance on The Ellen Show earlier today. Cena talks about how he now runs potential nude scenes in movie projects by fiancee Nikki Bella. Cena did not tell Nikki about his sex scene in "Trainwreck" and apparently that caused some issues with Nikki.

Cena also talks about proposing to Nikki at WrestleMania 33, wearing the custom Ellen shorts back in 2016, Nikki's family, the upcoming "Blockers" movie and more. As noted earlier, Cena had his own prom on The Ellen Show today with Nikki as his date after he revealed to Ellen that he missed his prom back in school. We have video of that segment and a RAW tease from Cena at this link. Apparently the gift Cena teased for Monday's RAW is one of his Never Give Up towels with a "Be Kind To One Another" message on the back, which we included in the original post. Cena is scheduled to face Kane on Monday's show.

- WWE posted the following teaser for Matt Hardy and Monday's RAW. There's no word yet on what WWE has planned for Hardy following The Ultimate Deletion and his win over Bray Wyatt in The Great War.

What's "Woken" Matt Hardy's next move?

We all saw it, but whether we understand it is another issue entirely. This past Monday's Raw played host to The Ultimate Deletion at The Hardy Compound, where "Woken" Matt Hardy ended his Great War with Bray Wyatt by defeating him in combat and throwing the dazed Eater of Worlds into the mystical Lake of Reincarnation. Wyatt hasn't been seen or heard from since.

Now that The Woken One's rival has been vanquished, what is Hardy's path to WrestleMania?

- Below is new video from This Week In WWE on the WWE Network with Charly Caruso looking at Titus O'Neil's recent promotional tour to South Africa:


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