As reported, John Pollock of Post Wrestling interviewed Russell Naquin of the Louisiana Boxing & Wrestling Commission to discuss certain guidelines that professional wrestlers and promoters must follow. Naquin noted that both piledrivers and blood are prohibited on pro wrestling events statewide, due to an incident which injured a competitor several years ago.

According to a report from Deadspin, the issues with Louisiana and the piledriver date back to 1996, when wrestler Gino Van Dam was paralyzed after what he claimed was a miscommunication over what maneuver was being performed. His opponent, Jason Dupre wrestling under the name of Steve Anthony, and the promotion were both sued for the incident. Van Dam's lost wages argument held up in appellate court, and he was awarded a significant sum of money.

Although there were no rules listed on the commission website regarding the banning of piledrivers, commission secretary John Green, Jr. did send a redlined version of the rules, dated 2017, which included the following banned wrestling moves:

1. All variations of the Pile Driver;

2. All variations of the Power Bomb;

3. The "Moonsault", "Shooting Star", or "450 Splash" or any variation thereof which involves one wrestler, leaping or flipping off the ropes or turnbuckles to contact the head or neck of the opponent with any part of his body;

4. The "Stungun" of any variation thereof which results in the one fighter's head or neck being dragged, draped or "closelined" [sic] across the ropes;

5. The striking of a wrestler's head with any object, chair, trashcan [sic] lid, etc., and

6. No wrestler shall throw, push, shove or force another out of the ring or over the top rope.

While these moves are banned, there is another section that states, "The Commission Official [on site] may, at his sole discretion, allow wrestlers to perform prohibited holds, moves or maneuvers listed above, provided permission is sought and obtained prior to the event by both wrestlers and the requesting wrestlers have sufficient training, athletic ability and experience to perform the maneuver without endangering one another."

In a statement to Deadspin, Green, Jr. also made it clear that they do not like for Naquin to speak to the press, and WWE is not subject to the move bans since it is a "major league promotion." Since Ring of Honor is also considered a major league promotion, and will present Supercard of Honor at the UNO Lakefront Arena on April 7, they are also exempt from the list of bans. The independent shows occurring during WrestleMania week will be held to the discretion of the commission, based on the determination if they are "well-trained professionals".

Source: Deadspin