ROH TV Taping Results (5/13): Bully Ray, Bullet Club Vs. LIJ, Austin Aries In Action, Jushin Liger

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Will Henderson (@willh94) for sending us these results from yesterday's ROH "War of the Worlds" TV tapings in Chicago:

Future of Honor Dark match: The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) def One Mean Team (Brian Johnson & Justin Pusser (w/Miss Jasmine)

Pusser with a leg drop on Bruiser. Bruiser hits Samoan drop and Milonas with a back splash. Bruiser with a cannonball. Pusser tries to fight back, to no avail. Johnson breaks up the pin. Pusser gets the tag. Miss Jasmine gets on the apron and distracts Bruiser, but Bruiser is confused at what she's doing. Bouncers win with a superplex/frog splash combo.

Women of Honor Dark match: Stacy Shadows def Stella Grey

Handshake to start. Shadows with a jumping spinebuster. Shadows dominates early. Grey slips out of a press and applies a choke, but Shadows powers out. Shadows with chops. Grey fights back and finally gets Shadows down, but only gets 2. Shadows sidesteps a charge in the corner and hits a brutal side suplex into a bridge for the pin.

Tenille Dashwood def Karen Q

They trade waistlocks. Karen hits a handspring, cartwheel forearm in the corner and a running kick for 2. Q stands on Dashwood's hair and pulls her up. Tenille fights off a Boston Crab attempt, but Q regains control. Dashwood sidesteps a charge and gets the Tarantula. Q with suplexes but only gets 2. Q whips Tenille into the corners. Tenille gets a boot up in the corner. Taste of Tenille for 2. Q gets a Boston Crab, but Tenille gets to the ropes. Q goes for a Crab again, but Tenille rolls her up and gets the pin.

Cheeseburger & Jushin Thunder Liger def The Dawgs

Burger with a crossbody on Ferrara, and makes the tag to Liger. Liger with a cannonball off the apron. Liger tags in Burger, and Titus blind tags in. Titus slingshots Will into Burger. Sequence of standing frogsplashes by the Dawgs, but Liger breaks up the pin. Titus misses a boot to the corner and hits Ferrara. Hot tag to Liger. Liger Bomb to Ferrara only gets 2. Burger cuts off a double team with a superkick to Ferrara and they hit double Shoteis to The Dawgs. Liger with a brainbuster on Titus for the win.

Sumie Sakai def Jenny Rose to retain the Women of Honor Championship

No handshake as Sumie ducks a slap attempt by Rose. Sumie with a crossbody off the top to the outside, and a dropkick off the top rope, but only gets 2. Jenny with a spinning sideslam for 2. Rose takes control with a half-crab, but Sumie gets the ropes. Swinging Fisherman's Neckbreaker by Sumie for 2. Jenny spears Sumie off the apron. Jenny with a drop toe hold to a chair on the outside. Sumie with a top rope Frankensteiner for 2. Jenny hits a huge spear, but only gets 2. Sumie with a rolling cutter for the pin

Episode 1 main event: The Briscoes def Roppongi 3K to retain the ROH World Tag Team Championships

Briscoes refuse a handshake, then jump R3K at the start. Early on the Briscoes isolate Yoh, who was bleeding from the mouth at one point. Sho tries to run in, which leads to the ref trying to get him out of the ring and a Briscoes double team behind his back. Yoh is spitting up blood. Yoh gets a neckbreaker and the hot tag to Sho, who runs wild. Roppongi goes for their finisher, but Jay pulls Yoh out of the ring and slams him into the barricade. Razor's Edge/Powerbomb combo by The Briscoes, but Yoh breaks up the pin. Jay with a superplex and Mark with a diving elbow on Sho, but he kicks out at 2. Stereo dives by R3K. They hit Mark with the 3K, but he kicks out. Jay throws a chair in the ring, and while the ref is distracted, Mark hits a low blow. Jay hits Yoh with the Jay Driller for the win.

Episode 2 main event: Silas Young def Austin Aries via DQ to retain the ROH World Television Title

Dueling chants to start. Aries goes for the Last Chancery early, but Silas scampers to the ropes. Aries poses on the ropes as Silas regroups. Series of one counts. Aries pulls Silas up by his chest hairs and bounces him off the turnbuckles. Silas hits a forearm to cut off a dive and throws Aries into the barricade. Silas with a side headlock. Aries hits a dive and a top rope dropkick for 2. Series of finisher counters until Aries hits a DVD on the apron, but only gets 2. Silas hits his rolling fireman's carry/springboard elbow, but Aries gets the ropes. Silas goes for the belt, but Aries rolls him up and goes into the Last Chancery but Silas gets the ropes. Aries grabs the Grand Championship, but he gets rolled up for 2. Strike exchange. Silas gets Aries up for the TKO, but knocks out the ref. Aries goes up for the 450, but Beer City Bruiser runs out. Kenny King runs down and stops Bruiser from interfering. Silas goes for a belt shot, but King grabs the title and hits him with it. Aries covers Silas and gets the pin. Todd Sinclair runs out, however, and announces Aries is disqualified due to King's interference. Aries argues and kicks Todd low, while King freaks out. King hands Aries all his belts, including handing him the Grand Championship like it was dirty, then Aries kicks him in the nuts, hits a brainbuster, and applies the Last Chancery.

Cody out after intermission for a promo. He says he has dismantled the Golden Lovers, he beat Kota Ibushi, he beat Kenny Omega, and he has taken his rightful place as the leader of Bullet Club. Mentions he will become NWA World Heavyweight Champion soon, then turns his attention to the ROH World Championship. Cody says at Best in the World, it's going to be bittersweet, because it's not a one-on-one match, but instead it is himself vs Dalton Castle vs "his Bullet Club subordinate" Marty Scurll. Cody runs down Marty for being a follower and a yes man, and says that's why the fans must love him. Marty interrupts, and says that Cody can talk, but he knows that Cody can realize how good Marty is, and there's a little fear in him. Marty says they are friends, but if he had to go throw Cody to get his first ROH World Title, then he'll do it, but for now, he wants a "gentleman's handshake." Cody hesitated but shakes anyways. Marty grabs Cody's hand like he's going to snap his fingers, but instead, just gives him five and laughs as he walks away.

Flip Gordon def Jonathan Gresham
Good match. Gresham did a lot of work on Flip's back with stretch holds and shots to the back. Flip picks up the win after a hard fought match.

Post-match Bully Ray comes out. Flip prepares to fight, but Bully tells him to relax. Bully apologizes for the way he's treated him lately, and says he found out things about Flip recently that he didn't know. First is that Flip is from Montana, which is where Bully's parents wanted to move to when they retired, but they passed away as they were in the process of getting to do so. Bully hands Flip two pictures of his parents. Bully then brings up Flip's military involvement, and discusses his own patriotism. Bully says he doesn't agree with how Flip came up in the business, but he owes him respect. He asks for his pictures back and then salutes Flip. As Flip salutes back, Bully kicks him in the nuts. Bully then reminds Flip who he is and leaves him laying.

Kelly Klein def Deonna Purrazzo

Deonna came dressed in jeans and a t-shirt looking for a fight. She jumped Klein before the bell and they brawled around ringside. Deonna got the Fujiwara Arm Bar on, but Kelly got to the ropes. Deonna went for the arm bar again, but Kelly locked in the End of the Match choke and Deonna tapped almost immediately. Weird finish to an otherwise good match.

Episode 3 main event: So Cal Uncensored def The Kingdom by DQ, The Kingdom retain the ROH World Six-Man Championships

This was a fun match, with the idea being that both teams are cheating heels, so they kept trading dirty tactics throughout the match. At one point, they popped Vinny's balloons on each other in a funny spot. The finish came when Daniels went to hit Taven with knuckledusters, but the ref saw it and took them away, then Taven went to use his staff, but Daniels ducked, and the ref took the staff, then Kaz ran in with a chair, but hit the ropes and knocked himself out. Both teams looked at him confused, and the referee saw the chair and disqualified The Kingdom. SoCal were excited to win, but then realized they lost their title shot, and were upset.

Kenny King def Chuckie T

Another fun match, Kenny was replacing Jay Lethal, who was advertised for this match. Chuck went for a handshake, but Kenny wanted a hug. Chuck said he only hugs one man. Kenny then air-hugged the crowd on each side of the ring. A few spots later, Chuck hugged Kenny, much to his surprise. Kenny knocked Chuck down and went out to the crowd to a guy for a selfie, but the guy was too drunk to get his phone to work, and Kenny gave up on the spot. Kenny got back in the ring and got dropped by Chuck, who went back out to the same guy and took a picture. Chuck did a flip dive and landed upside down with his feet in the crowd, but thumbs upped the camera. Chuck tried for the Awful Waffle, but couldn't hit it. Kenny ends up getting the pin and he shows respect to Chuck after the match.

Shane Taylor def Josh Woods

Taylor cut a promo before the match berating Woods for the incident that happened at the West Palm Beach show. Shane got super loud heat as he tried to cut his promo. They start the match as if it were a shoot fight, and Taylor was wearing fight gloves. Short match, Taylor hits a knockout punch and gets the pin.

Episode 4 main event: Bullet Club (Cody, Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Marty Scurll) def Los Ingobernables de Japon

Crazy 10-Man match that I really can't translate into words. Dalton Castle was on commentary. Everybody got their usual spots in. Towards the end, Hangman is in the ring when Punishment Martinez comes down. Hangman meets him in the aisle and they brawl to the back. Hiromu uses Daryl Jr to lay out everyone in Bullet Club. BUSHI ends up misting Burnard the Business Bear, and Cody freaks out. The Bucks hit the Meltzer Driver on BUSHI and pick up the win. They stare down EVIL and Sanada ahead of their IWGP Heavyweight Tag Title showdown at Dominion.

After the show, The Bucks and Cody put over the Chicago crowd and thank everyone for the success of All In. They say they only expected to sell 4,000 tickets in the first week, and they didn't believe what happened until the box office manager texted Cody and informed him All In was an official sell out. They thanked everyone and said they'll see us September 1st.


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