Owen Hart

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Birth Name: Owen James Hart
Born: May 7, 1965 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Died: May 23, 1999 (age 34)
Height & Weight: 5 ft 10 in, 227 lbs.
Major Titles Held: WWF European Championship (once), WWF Intercontinental Championship (twice), WWF World Tag Team Championship (four times)


What do you consider the main event of WWE Beast in the East?
Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor
Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston
Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi
Chris Jericho vs. Neville
John Cena & Dolph Ziggler vs. Kane & King Barrett
New Day vs. Lucha Dragons
Cesaro vs. Diego

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