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Birth Name: Fredrick Marty Jannetty
Born: February 3, 1960 (age 55) in Columbus, Georgia
Height & Weight: 5 ft 11 in, 226 lbs.
Major Titles Held: WWE Intercontinental Championship (once), WWE World Tag Team Championship (once)
WWE Returning To Fort Worth, Marty Jannetty Seminar

By Devin Cutting | March 06, 2013| WWE

Marty Jannetty Rambles On Shawn Michaels - Yikes

By Ryan Clark | January 16, 2012

Marty Jannetty To Attend WWE HOF?, The Rock-CNN, More

By Ryan Clark | March 31, 2011| WWE

Marty Jannetty Was Injured On Raw

By Keelan Balderson | October 29, 2009| WWE

Rodney Mack & Marty Jannetty Re-Sign With WWE

By Ryan Clark | September 15, 2006| WWE

More Details On Marty Jannetty's 2nd Firing

By Ryan Clark | March 03, 2006

Breaking News: Marty Jannetty Gone From WWE?

By Ryan Clark | March 03, 2006| WWE

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