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Birth Name: Thea Trinidad
Born: December 27, 1990 (age 24) in Queens, New York
Height & Weight: 4 ft 11 in, 99 lbs.
Major Titles Held: TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship (once)
TNA Against All Odds Match, Rosita Note, & More

By Ryan Clark | January 19, 2012| TNA

Big IMPACT! Match, SoCal Val/Rosita Video, More

By Ryan Clark | January 16, 2012| TNA

Rosita Mocks Asian Woman, Samoa Joe-TNA Update

By Ryan Clark | December 28, 2011| TNA

Rosita Talks Rookie Year, Knockouts Versus The Divas

By Ryan Clark | December 24, 2011| TNA

Steve Austin Launches Website, Rosita/Dixie Carter

By Ryan Clark | December 19, 2011

TNA Interested In 'Cyborg', Rosita & Tara News, More

By Ryan Clark | October 13, 2011| TNA

Rosita-9/11 Memorial Video, TNA Launches Auction Site

By Ryan Clark | October 10, 2011| TNA

WWE's Return To Albany, NY, TNA Star Turns 40, Rosita

By Ryan Clark | February 14, 2011| WWE

TNA Lockdown Tix, Al Snow's Future, Rosita-TNA, Tara

By Ryan Clark | February 13, 2011| TNA

Rosita Debuts On IMPACT!, Jeremy Borash-TNA, Rayne

By Ryan Clark | February 10, 2011| TNA

Rosita Debuts In TNA, Wilde's Retirement, 'They' Video

By Ryan Clark | February 01, 2011| TNA

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