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Birth Name: Philip Andre Rourke, Jr
Born: September 16, 1952 (age 62) in Schenectady, New York
MVP/WWE Get Mention On 'The View', Rourke, & More

By Ryan Clark | April 29, 2009| WWE

Who Were The WrestleMania Lumberjacks?, Rourke/'Mania

By Ryan Clark | April 06, 2009| WWE

Steve Austin Gets Movie Deal With Stallone and Rourke

By Keelan Balderson | March 12, 2009| WWE

The Rock, Mickey Rourke/WWE, Legends Of WrestleMania

By Andy Steven | March 01, 2009| WWE

Mickey Rourke/WM25 Update, Nash, TNA Releases, Team 3D

By Ryan Clark | February 27, 2009| WWE

Big Update On Jericho & Mickey Rourke At WrestleMania

By Tim Brown | February 25, 2009| WWE

More On 'Mania 26 Location, ECW Main Event, Rourke/WWE

By Ryan Clark | February 23, 2009| WWE

Jericho Addressing Rourke On RAW Tonight?, SD, More

By Tim Brown | February 23, 2009| TNA

Did Mickey Rourke Get An Oscar For 'The Wrestler'?

By Ryan Clark | February 22, 2009

More MAJOR Updated WrestleMania 25 **SPOILERS**

By Ryan Clark | February 18, 2009| WWE

Mickey Rourke's Dog Dies, Christian/ECW

By Ryan Clark | February 18, 2009

Mickey Rourke Wins BAFTA, Big Show's Birthday

By Keelan Balderson | February 09, 2009| WWE

Mickey Rourke Talks About Why He Pulled Out Of 'Mania, More

By Ryan Clark | February 04, 2009| WWE

JR Speaks On The Royal Rumble, Jericho/Rourke & More

By Shawn Moniz | January 29, 2009| WWE

Associated Press Confirms Mickey Rourke Off WrestleMania

By Ryan Clark | January 28, 2009| WWE

Big News: Mickey Rourke Cancels WrestleMania Plans?

By Ryan Clark | January 28, 2009| WWE

More On WWE PPV Name Change; Mickey Rourke Update

By Shawn Moniz | January 26, 2009| WWE


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