Chris Jericho Gives His Thoughts On Bray Wyatt's Return Promo

Bray Wyatt made his first comments since returning to the wrestling world on "WWE SmackDown" this week, which led to a very emotional, open, and honest promo from the former Universal Champion during the closing segment of the show. 

He had made his big comeback at WWE Extreme Rules last weekend, in a highly produced situation, but this time it was Wyatt simply being himself as he thanked the fans for sticking with him through a difficult period in his life, with the 'Eater Of Worlds' tearing up at points. It led to a lot of praise online from fans who were impressed by what he had to say, but it wasn't just the WWE Universe who enjoyed the promo. 

Wrestling veteran and current member of the AEW roster replied to a tweet giving his thoughts on it by saying, "I don't buy a word of it! And I love it..." Jericho was clearly impressed by what Wyatt had to say, but he also seems to think that it wasn't all 100% accurate and could have been part of a story. 

The two men do have plenty of history with each other as they feuded back in 2014, which included a match at WWE Battleground and WWE SummerSlam, with Wyatt coming out of the rivalry on top following a steel cage victory on "WWE Raw." 

Wyatt's heartfelt comments ended up being cut off when a masked character appeared on the screen, claiming people have no idea who they are dealing with, but they will. The masked figure appears to be the latest character in the world of Wyatt, as he was wearing that during his return at the latest premium live event, taking it off to reveal his identity to close that show.