Part Of Sami Zayn's WWE Presentation Isn't Exactly What He Envisioned

"WWE SmackDown" superstar Sami Zayn feels something is a bit off about his current presentation. Zayn has cemented his place as the "Honorary Uce" of The Bloodline. He's been heavily praised for his recent work, which would likely leave many puzzled as to what issue he would have with anything involving presentation at the moment. During an interview with Metro, however, Zayn revealed that he isn't the biggest fan of his current theme song. He explained why during the chat.

"It's kind of sad, but you had that time with that music and that character, and that time is over. That's how I feel about it," Zayn said. I worked with the music guys on this music. It still didn't come out quite how I envisioned, and my character actually shifted a fair bit from when the new music first debuted to now."

Don't expect Zayn to revert back to his beloved "Worlds Apart" theme song, however. In that same interview, Zayn made it clear that he wants the old entrance music to remain in the past, as he feels that song doesn't suit his character evolution either. Regardless of which theme song he uses, Zayn's popularity continues to soar in WWE.

Zayn's success with The Bloodline has reportedly led to a change in immediate plans for him in terms of storyline. WrestleVotes recently told Metro that while plans for Kevin Owens and Zayn to be reunited haven't been canned, the timing has been altered due to the positive response to Zayn's work with Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Paul Heyman.