Former WWE Official Critical Of AEW's The Elite Return Announcement

On "AEW Dynamite" this week, the company officially announced the return of The Elite – Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks — at the upcoming Full Gear PPV this Saturday where they will challenge Death Triangle for the AEW World Trios Championships. This will mark their first appearance back in AEW since All Out, where a backstage altercation that followed led to their disappearance. While fans seem pleased to see them back, how their return was handled has drawn some question marks. 

Former WWE official Jimmy Korderas discussed how Tony Khan orchestrated their comeback on his "Reffin Rant," making it clear that "sometimes when you have your big matches in place, some matches you don't have to announce the entire match." That is something he felt could have been implemented in the case of The Elite's return to action on Saturday; it had already been heavily hinted that The Elite would be appearing through a series of vignettes that highlighted their place in history in AEW. 

Korderas wouldn't have made the confirmation of them being there though on "Dynamite." "That was a situation where, in my opinion, [it] didn't have to happen on that night," he said. "People were already assuming that's who it was going to be; you left the silhouettes there in the video or in the screen package. Let the announcement happen at the PPV. I am sure it would have gotten a much bigger pop there than what they got on Wednesday night."

Recently, surprise returns that have been glaringly obvious to fans have proven to be huge hits, as evidenced by fans' reactions to CM Punk joining AEW after years away from wrestling and Bray Wyatt's appearance at WWE's Extreme Rules proved. However, AEW has chosen not to take a similar path with The Elite; they simply popped up on a match graphic for a showdown on Saturday with Death Triangle. 

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit "Reffin Rant" with a H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.