Source: PWTorch Newsletter

— Paul Heyman s girlfriend and two children were backstage at the ECW PPV. Although WWE frowns upon bringing family members backstage to all events other than WrestleMania, in ECW it was common for wrestlers to bring family members backstage.

— Although the WWE creative team is taking a ton of heat for the perception that they were heavily involved in the ECW PPV, Paul Heyman butted heads with Vince McMahon more than anyone. Vince decided to place the WWE crew on the show, which is an idea that Heyman originally rejected. Heyman told friends over the weekend that he was not happy with how WWE was hyping the event.

— One of the hardest battles that Heyman fought was convincing Vince to let Taz come out after Steve Austin.

— Heyman had insisted that WWE secure the rights of Metallica s version of Enter Sandman , rather than doing a knockoff version of the song like they did for Tommy Dreamer’s entrance music.