For those wondering, Paul Heyman did speak to Edge before the PPV about dropping the “Matt Hardy” line. This explains the quick reaction Edge gave to his comments. Aside from Edge, both Heyman and Rob Van Dam didn’t seek out any other approval from anyone else for what they were going to say in their respective promos.

Word made the rounds the night of the show that some of the WWE wrestlers expressed some discomfort with being at the One Night Stand show as they felt rather out of place and unwelcome based on the reaction they got from the crowd. Despite this feelings, many seemed to have enjoyed themselves as it was the first time many had gotten to see an ECW event live.

To add on an earlier post we had regarding Paul Heyman and Vince McMahon disagreeing on numerous ideas for the ECW One Night Stand event, one of Heyman’s hardest battles with McMahon was reportedly the idea of allowing Tazz to come out after Steve Austin as McMahon didn’t want his “top star” to be overshadowed. In addition, Heyman insisted WWE secure the rights to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica for The Sandman’s entrance instead of a knockoff WWE produced version. Getting Rhino (yes, with an “i”) booked for the show was also a big battle Heyman had with WWE as he was recently let go by the company following an incident at a hotel lobby during WrestleMania 21 weekend.