According to a report, JBL will be doing some alternate commentary for the ECW One Night Stand DVD. Many have found it quite humerous that he will be getting an extra paycheck by doing this and in a way getting “paid” for his actions against the Blue Meanie.

The plan at one point was to have Roadkill & Danny Doring face CW Anderson & Johnny Swinger in a match on Sunday Night Heat, or “Extreme Heat”, before the One Night Stand PPV. That plan was axed when WWE management made the call that they didn’t want the Hammerstein Ballroom or the fans to be seen until the actual show started on PPV.

For those wondering about why the Roadkill and Danny Doring promo was shown and then pulled off the air quickly, it wasn’t show in the right order and would have spoiled the appearance of Sabu following Rob Van Dam’s in-ring promo. The promo is expected to be inserted into the right area in the DVD version of One Night Stand.