Paul Heyman and Tommy Dreamer took part in an “ECW” edition of Byte This on earlier tonight. Here are some highlights from the show that I was able to catch:

– Heyman read a question regarding the Hardcore Homecoming event on Friday. Heyman said he hoped the show was a success and that there is a market for the ECW experience right now. He added that if they fail, then there is no business left for them to do despite the overseas rumors. Heyman said if they do well, then they will continue on the ECW legacy. Dreamer on the other hand had a different opinion, saying he was happy that the wrestlers were getting a payday out of it because of how disappointing the independent scene is right now. He stated that since Vince McMahon bought the rights to ECW that this Sunday’s show will be more authentic and that the Hardcore Homecoming event is like a leech hanging onto the ECW PPV. Dreamer said others have tried to recreate ECW such as XPW, MLW and MECW, but failed and thinks this Friday’s show will not be ECW authentic. He even stated that One Night Stand wouldn’t be authentic either, but rather a celebration and a “thank you” to the fans.

– Both Heyman and Dreamer talked about wanting to have Raven, Jerry Lynn and Shane Douglas at the show this Sunday, but couldn’t because of reasons out of their control. Dreamer really put over how great it would be to see Douglas at the event and Heyman made a gesture that they invited him, but he made the decision to do his show instead and for other obvious reasons.

– The topic of ECW becoming another brand like RAW or SmackDown was brought up by an e-mail. Dreamer said if the show was a hit this Sunday then who knows. Heyman brought up how the ECW DVD out sold WrestleMania, Ric Flair, Steve Austin and The Monday Night War DVDs and proved how important it really was to the business. They both seemed a bit reluctant to even talk about the situation of it possibly becoming another brand with Dreamer stating he just wanted to get through Sunday.

– Heyman and Dreamer later talked about the heart and soul of the wrestlers who worked for ECW. Heyman brought up how Dreamer wrestled with a broken heel and would wrestle matches 20 minutes or longer. They also mentioned currently injured guys like Spike Dudley and Steven Richards who made it known that they wanted to work the show this Sunday. Heyman brought up how Spike was advised to take months off, while Richards is scheduled for knee surgery on Monday and pushed it back so he could work the ECW PPV.

– Others who joined the show via phone included Bubba Ray Dudley and Steven Richards. They noted that Rob Van Dam will be given 6-10 minutes to address the crowd at the PPV on Sunday since he is unable to compete in the ring. They also hinted at other ECW stars such as Beulah McGuillicuty who may show up, with Heyman saying many surprises are in store and that anyone could show up who stepped into an ECW ring at one time or another.

– In probably the most exciting part of the show, Paul Heyman addressed his current status with WWE. He noted that his contract is up later this year and has no clue if Vince McMahon has the desire to resign him, but may or may not do so based on the success of the PPV this Sunday. Heyman said the show could still be a success and his deal could expire, noting that if there is another show next year that he probably wouldn’t take part in it. He made it clear that he has other aspirations outside of WWE such as a screenplay he just wrote and said quote, “This place could use some competition too. Heyman basically said he is going into the show this Sunday as a one night thing only or a “last hurrah” if you will.

– The show came to a close with Heyman thanking Dreamer for his hard work in ECW and both joked that they will probably be fired on Monday after Vince McMahon gets a copy of the show after the things they said tonight.

The full archive of the show should be available for viewing on later tonight. If you were a big ECW fan, you should definitely check this show out as both Heyman and Dreamer seemed to have lots of fun with it and come away addressing some key things about the One Night Stand event this Sunday.