There will be a major backstage meeting before the TNA Impact! tapings tomorrow to discuss TNA’s current status. There was no official announcement made last night concerning Spike TV which likely means the deal isn’t 100% finalized.

The main event on next month’s TNA PPV is Raven & ? vs. Jeff Jarrett & Rhino. ? will likely be revealed tomorrow night at the TV tapings. Jeff Jarrett will be the top guy in TNA for months to come and you can ‘bank on it’.

Although this is NOT confirmed and highly rumored, Matt Hardy could do a run-in type deal tonight where he is hidden under the ring during the Edge/Kane steel cage match.

Expect profanity (bleeped obviously) to be present during tonight’s RAW diva search trash talking segment.

There is said to be a paid attendance of about 10,000 for tonight’s show which is very good these days.