Despite having little appeal with Internet fans, the WWE RAW Diva Search continues to be a ratings success for WWE. Although ratings for this past Monday’s RAW are not yet known, if past numbers are any indication, the segment likely scored well.

According to the Newsletter, last week’s “talent show” was the highest-rated segment of RAW, sans the overrun (4.1 for HBK’s challenge to Hogan), with a 3.9 rating. The show itself only scored a 3.6, which once again indicates that the majority of mainstream fans are interested in WWE’s “reality competition.”

If the ECW PPV didn’t do enough to prove one’s inability to use Internet buzz as a gauge for WWE viewership, last week’s RAW rating certainly will. While the Diva Search scored a 3.9 quarter-hour, the Edge/Kane match with Matt Hardy’s run-in, after having been teased moments earlier, only scored a 3.6.