– In a new article entitled “The Single Life,” WWE puts over Rob Conway as a rising singles superstar. Conway notes that although he was part of WWE’s flagship tag team over the past few years, he’s extremely excited about the prospect of moving up the ladder on his own. He compared his likely future to HBK and Bret Hart by explaining that after ending their runs as tag wrestlers, they slowly earned the chance to compete for the World Title.

“Those are legends with legendary careers, as opposed to someone who might have had a title match early in their career. I don’t mind paying my dues to get where I need to be. You just have a longer influence on the business,” Conway said.

– The original house show lineups for this past weekend featured Shawn Michaels wrestling Triple H. WWE ended up making some key changes to the card, resulting in main-events of Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair and Triple H vs. John Cena.