The lead story on is regarding the WWE terrorism storyline. It is the main headlines on the site with a photo of Muhammad Hassan with the headline, “Breaking News: UPN comes under fire for terror-like Smackdown stunt.” The main feature of the story is: “Meanwhile, WWE spokesman Gary Davis is urging viewers to tune in this Thursday to see how the plot ‘gets straightened out.’ If you don’t, then the terrorists will have won.”

Speaking of the WWE terrorism storyline, Media Life Magazine also has a story regarding the matter. The article concludes: “The WWE says it’s an entertainment business and that its plot shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Matt Hardy is scheduled for an indy booking in Indiana, Pa. for the Allied Powers Wrestling Federation (APWF). He is set to face Dr. Feelgood in the main event. Nikolai Volkoff is also scheduled to appear on the show.