The Filipino Express features an article regarding WWE RAW Diva Search contestant Alexis Stuecklin. In the article features quotes from the contestant, she said “…in America, there aren t many prominent Filipino entertainers, so I m absolutely thrilled to be representing the beauty and majesty of the Philippines. My mother, who passed away several years ago, was a Filipino farmer, and I still have lots of family on the island. I last visited them at age 17 and I can t wait to return hopefully as the WWE Diva Search winner!

DetNews features comments from Ohio State linebacker James Laurinatitus, who is son of Road Warrior Animal regarding his college football career and growing up with a professional wrestler as a father. has posted two new trailers from the 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler DVD. The first trailer contains New Jack shooting on internet wrestling fans and the second trailer consists of Vampiro talking about one of the craziest things he’s ever done. The clips can be viewed at the website and you can order the DVD there too.

On the Horror Channel website features a review of the movie ‘See No Evil’ which features WWE superstar Kane. The review pretty much does the whole opposite to hyping the movie stating that Wrestling is Wrestling, Movies are Movies. (Thanks to Daniel Ertley)