**SPOILERS** 4 Weeks Worth Of TNA Impact! Results

Thanks to PWInsider.com:

*Lance Hoyt fought David Young to a no contest after Abyss hits the ring to interfere, hitting Shock Treatment on Young and The Black Hole Slam on Hoyt. Jim Mitchell cuts a promo.

*TNA X-Division champion Christopher Daniels does commentary for…

*Samoa Joe defeated Dutt with choke in a Super X Cup tournament bout. Shane Douglas tries to interview Joe after the bout but Joe walked away without saying anything.

*Kip James & Monty Brown defeated Sonny Siaki & Apollo after Brown hits the Pounce on Siaki. Konnan and Ron Killings brawl with Kip & Brown.

*NWA champion Raven cuts a promo discussing Rhino and Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett comes out and distracts him to set up Rhino goring Raven. Jarrett put Raven in the figure four.

*Michael Shane comes out with Tracy Brooks with documents in his hands and says he was served with papers about the usage of his name. He says from now on he will be officially called Matt Bentley, which is his real name. Mike Shane of the Shane Twins had contacted him legally after signing with WWE to protect the copyright of his name.

*AJ Styles pinned Matt Bentley in a Super X Cup tournament bout after AMW distracted the referee. James Storm used a superkick to set up the cover.

*Sonjay Dutt defeated Elix Skipper and Shark Boy when Dutt pinned Boy.

*Alex Shelley defeated Shocker in a Super X Cup Tournament bout after Shelley pinned Shocker with a roll up.

*Mikey Batts fought Cassidy Riley to a no contest when Rhino gores both. Jarrett piledrives Batts. Raven comes out and confronts them. The lights go out and Sabu returns to the company to save Raven. Sabu triple jump moonsaults on Rhino.

TNA announces the main event of the Sacrifice PPV will be Raven and Sabu vs. Jeff Jarrett and Rhino.

*James Storm pinned Matt Bentley

*Petey Williams defeated Chris Sabin in a Super X Cup Tournament bout with the Canadian Destroyer after A-1 distracted the referee.

*Samoa Joe defeated Alex Shelley in a Super X Cup Tournament Semi-Final bout.

*NWA Tag Team champions The Naturals defeated Bobby Rude & Eric Young, DQ when the referee caught Bobby Rude with a megaphone. Team Canada laid out The Naturals with America’s Most Wanted.

*Abyss pinned Apollo with Black Hole Slam. Lance Hoyt challenges Abyss to a match.

*NWA champion Raven & Sabu defeated Simon Diamond & David Young. Sabu pinned Young with an Arabian Facebuster. Jeff Jarrett and Rhino came out and Sabu hit a dive to the floor on them.

*Matt Bentley pinned Shark Boy. Tracy Brooks tried to interfere and was bitten in the rear.

*AJ Styles pinned Petey Williams in a Super X Cup tournament Semi-Final.

*Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles in the Super X Cup Tournament final is announced for the Sacrifice PPV.

*Monty Brown (with Kip James) pinned Elix Skipper with the Pounce.

*Simon Diamond and David Young defeated America’s Most Wanted after Team Canada interfered, setting up Young to pin James Storm with a spinebuster. The Naturals hit the ring to save AMW.

*TNA announced America’s Most Wanted & The Naturals vs. Team Canada in an Eight Man Tag at the Sacrifice PPV.

*Ron Killings & Konnan defeated Jerelle Clark & Mikey Batts after Konnan pinned Clark with a powerbomb. BG James came out after the match. Konnan demanded an answer from him but he refused to say anything.

*Rhino pinned Chris Sabin with the gore. After the match, Raven and Jeff Jarrett each him the ring. They set up a table. The lights go out and Sabu is in the ring. It ends up with Rhino powerbombing Sabu onto Raven, who is laid out on the table. The table doesn’t break. Jarrett locks Raven in the figure four leglock and Rhino slams Sabu through the table.